Healthy workforce key to success

Patty Christopher, MS,PT

Owner, Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness

Developing a healthy workforce should be a priority for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Work-related injuries and illnesses are costly and affect productivity, while a healthy workforce can decrease costs associated with employer-sponsored health plans, workers’ compensation claims, short- and long-term disability and absenteeism, and improve morale and productivity.

“There are two chronic health conditions that really impact costs for employers, obesity and depression,” says, Elizabeth, weight-loss counselor at Advanced Weight-Loss and Wellness. “These conditions lead to increased absenteeism, increased presenteeism (present, but unfocused), increased work-related accidents, decreased productivity and decrease workplace morale.” However, a well-designed Corporate Wellness Program can help reduce stress, improve fitness and nutrition, improve weight management, and improve attention and focus to task. Tailored even more, a wellness program could help improve mental health and job satisfaction, improve financial wellness and help smoking cessation. “Our Corporate Wellness program focuses on weight loss, but also incorporates general wellness education. For example, we educate why allowing eight hours for sleep is important for the workers’ health in general, but also leads to better attention to task and a better overall energy level,” explains Elizabeth. “Or we emphasize the importance of wearing sunscreen daily, and always using a seatbelt.”

“Developing a culture of wellness at the worksite can also improve workers’ morale, motivation and success in their weight-loss and wellness attempts. Clear communication on the objectives of the program and exactly how the program works is also critical to the program’s success.” On-site wellness competitions, recreational sports, and opportunities for exercise are fun and effective ways to motivate employees to engage in healthy practices. These activities also provide consistent messaging that wellness is valued by the employer.

Additionally, providing employees with a wellness program is considered an added work benefit, and makes the employee feel appreciated by the employer. For more information on Corporate Wellness programs, contact Advanced Weight Loss or go to