Fall Skincare

Patty Christopher, MS,PT


Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness

Tans are fading fast and leaving behind the traces of summer’s abuse… dull, dry, discolored and weathered skin caused by a harsh sun, wind, chlorine, sweat, salt-water, and sand. For some, these damaging elements can cause more severe skin problems like acne, melasma (hyperpigmentation, tanned patches, or age-spots), or even (dermatitis) inflammation of the skin or scalp. September brings cooler weather, decreased sun intensity and less time in the harsh elements, so it’s the perfect time to get serious about your skincare routine. Professional skin care and skin care products will help reverse some of the damage that occurs to skin in the summer and help prevent future damage as well.

Always start with products you can trust. Look for medically-based or professional skincare products free of toxins and that might even contain beneficial vitamins, minerals, or plant products, like plant stem cells. Vitamins A, C, and E are antioxidants that help prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. Minerals such as Zinc will prevent future damage by blocking damaging sun rays even as we approach the winter months. Products that contain CBD help decrease inflammation and fight bacteria that can cause acne.

In addition to a regular routine of washing, toning, and moisturizing, occasional exfoliation is important to strip away dull, dead skin cells and dirt. It’s perfect for post-summer recovery skin care. Serums, masks, scrubs and professional treatments like facials, derma-planing, microdermabrasion and chemical peels address targeted problems. Nutrition and water play an important part in healthy skin, and helps with tightening elasticity of the skin. Look for nutrient dense foods, and consider supplements like collagen.

Lastly, always wash off make-up before going to sleep, and wear sunscreen seven days per week, fifty-two weeks of the year.

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