By the way Mom, THANKS!!!!

Linda Garrison Co-Owner

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Healthy Food Herb Vitamin Wellness Center

May is the month we honor all mothers for all the hard work, love and patience they needed to raise us. All women, mothers or not, have health issues. Stress can be the root cause of many health issues. To deal with stress, a B Complex vitamin, which includes all 11 of the B vitamins, is very important. B1 helps with nervousness and anxiety. B2 can relieve insomnia and mood swings. The rest of the B Vitamins help with concentration, fatigue and calmness.

All women need calcium and magnesium for bone health. Calcium and magnesium also are important for muscle relaxation. Muscle cramps might be due to low calcium and magnesium levels. Vitamins D3 and K2 (MK-7) are very important in making sure calcium makes it to the bones. Calcium in the wrong place can cause other problems.

Hormonal changes are common to both women and men. Hormones can start their imbalance as early as puberty and continue through menopause. It is important to have hormone levels checked throughout life to maintain the balance. Low levels of progesterone can cause anxiety, mood swings and fibrous tumors in the breast and uterus.

Energy can be a problem for the average American woman as she is wearing many hats. Eating right, taking vitamins and minerals, and balancing hormones sometimes are still not enough. Stress can weaken or exhaust the glandular system, thyroid and adrenals. These glands help us deal with stress and maintain energy levels. Nutrients, which act as food, for these glands include B Complex, Vitamin C, Potassium and Iodine.

May is not only flowers and candy for Mom “It’s About Their Health”.