Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is the use of hormones that occur naturally in the body to restore health and function in both men and women. Hormonal balance is important. Having too much or too little of a given hormone may cause problems with weight, blood-sugar control, infertility, and bone, brain, and heart health. While there are many different hormones in the body, primarily concern is with estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone balance, and DHEA and thyroid levels.

Normally, hormones regulate physiology, behavior and growth. They are released in response to a stimulus, external or internal, and in turn, stimulate tissue and organs to respond. In this way, they are considered communicators. Hormones regulate many vital body functions including: digestion, metabolism, respiration (breathing), sensory perception, sleep, excretion (including sweating to regulate body temperature), lactation, stress induction, growth and development, movement, reproduction and mood management.

As we age, hormones drop. Normal, healthy women typically have three times more testosterone than estrogen. They lose testosterone completely before menopause even begins. Men go through andropause, and lose 1% of their testosterone per year, on average, beginning around the age of 40. People with imbalanced or depleted hormones suffer with low energy, low libido, headaches, difficulty sleeping, moodiness, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, difficulty gaining muscle and even a loss of muscle mass. Joints hurt, exercise is difficult. Thought becomes cloudy, concentration becomes difficult, and ambition is lacking. Heart disease, diabetes, brittle bone (osteoporosis), digestive difficulties, hair loss, sagging skin and memory loss may also develop.

Aging is normal. The diseases of aging don’t have to be. BHRT can help one live healthier longer, maintain independence and have better life satisfaction. Treatment is individualized to provide each person with precisely the proper hormone levels for good health. For more information, go to or call (423)616-0324.

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