Editor’s Note: A story last week on the West High renovations included information based a previous version of the plans.

The Tribune apologizes for the error.

Finalized plans for renovations at West High School will not be as extensive as what was initially discussed, school records show.

The Hamblen County Board of Education approved its final design plans on Tuesday night.

Dr. Jeff Perry, school superintendent for Hamblen County schools, said it was found the scope of work first imagined would have been cost ineffective.

“With the first plan, it would have been around $18 million,” he said.

The new plan has an estimated cost of around $11.7 million, records show.

The first plan the school looked at for school renovations included a new wing built in front of the school with a new cafeteria, new classrooms and a new classroom for career and technical education. There would have also have been a new administrative office.

Perry said Friday there would be no standalone CTE

The plans, approved by the school board, will now expand the old cafeteria, renovate old bathrooms at the school, build new parking at the school and build a new administrative wing.

Current plans for renovations at West High School include:

• Cafeteria expansion – The estimated cost of cafeteria expansion is $1.9 million, school records show. AIt will be expanded by approximately 5,000 square feet. It will help reduce lunch periods from four sections to three sections. The cost includes construction, new grease traps, new ceilings, floor repair, electrical upgrades and communication upgrades, records show.

• Restroom renovations – There will be two restroom renovation projects. Minor repairs will be completed to the north side restrooms and the southwest side restrooms will be completely renovated. The estimated cost for these renovations is $782,000.

• New heating and air upgrades: The estimated cost is $3.8 million. The school system will replace all HVAC units in all classrooms and other areas with exception of the Freshman Academy, the gym, the auditorium, hallways and vocational areas. “We are concerned that there could be an epic failure of units if we don’t address this issue soon,” the Scope of Work on the project stated.

• Additional parking – There will be no loss of additional parking and under the new plan there are plans to build more parking. The areas the school system is considering for parking is the corner of Sulphur Springs Road and Lincoln Avenue, southwest Lincoln Avenue, the batting cage area, the gym area or Walnut Drive. School records say the estimated cost for the parking would be around $70,000. School officials have yet to formally decide the parking area.

• New administrative wing – The finalized plans call for an estimated $1.4 million administrative wing in front of the building. It would include a new safety vestibule,, waiting and reception area, principal and assistant principal officers, bookkeeper office, school resource office, staff restroom and conference room.

• Other fees – Other fees for the project would include $346,000 for required work, $550,000 for architectural and engineering fees, contractor overhead and profit would be $920,000, contingency fee of $610,000 and other fees would be $700,000, school records show.

Perry told the school board this week that some construction on the new school could begin as early as the fall. The majority of the construction, however, will happen spring and summer 2019.