TVA Simply Smart Grant awarded  to MHHS East librarian

From left, Morristown East Librarian Amy Wheatley, Karla McAuley, Aleena Seng, Ana Wise, and Diedra Gray, with TVA, celebrate the TVA Simply Smart Grant awarded to Wheatley.

Amy Wheatley, librarian at Morristown-Hamblen High School East, is the proud recipient of a TVA Simply Smart Grant. TVA donated $1,500 toward the purchase of books for the new Parent Engagement Resources for Caregivers and Children (PERCC) Collection.

The PERCC Collection will contain books on pregnancy, prenatal care, child care, and parenting of children of all ages, in addition to picture books and board books for the youngest readers. These materials will be available to students, teachers, and parents to check out as needed.

Access to high quality materials regarding parenting and child development will help parents and caregivers to shape their parenting and childcare skills in a postive and self-directed manner. Students who are parents, babysitters, or siblings of small children will also have access to high quality children's literature that they can take home and share with the children in their lives. Reading to children not only fosters early childhood literacy, but also facilitates bonding between adults and children during the read-aloud experience.

The school system hopes to positively impact the parenting skills of our students through this collection, as well as their parents, and increase school-readiness and emotional well-being of the children in their lives.

"I'm so glad to receive this grant," said Wheatley, "It's harder to get funds for print books than most people know because everyone usually focuses on technology. However, everything isn't on the internet and not everything on the internet is accurate or even easy to find. When you're trying to decide what's best for your child, you want to consult authoritative resources That's what we plan to make available in this collection. Also, print materials are not as open to distractions or interuptions as mobile devices, so parents and children can really focus on the story and enhance that bonding time with print."

An open house event will be held in the spring to introduce the collection to interested patrons.