Tusculum employee enhancing Greeneville High School graduation with creation of 300 masks

Erin Schultz, Tusculum Arts Outreach’s costume director, made these masks for Greeneville High School’s graduation.

GREENEVILLE – When Greeneville High School celebrates its 2020 graduation, a Tusculum University employee will have contributed to one of the event’s key safety features.

Erin Schultz, Tusculum Arts Outreach’s costume director, put her skills and sewing machine to work creating face masks for the Greeneville High students who will graduate Saturday, Aug. 1. She made 300 masks, all in Kelly green to match Greeneville High’s main school color.

“Civic engagement is one of the more important components of serving at Tusculum, and that principle motivated me to assist with this project,” Schultz said. “As these students experience this special moment in their lives, I am grateful for the opportunity to help them celebrate safely with a face mask resplendent in a school color.”

Schultz used some fabric from the Tusculum costume shop to make the coverings and supplemented that with material she and her husband, Steve, purchased.

Since the onset of the coronavirus, Schultz has given her sewing machine quite a workout. In the spring, she used her creativity with costume shop material to make hundreds of masks for Tusculum family members as well as those in the community. At that time, she described the endeavor as a moral obligation at a time of need.

Patrick Fraley, Greeneville High’s principal, appreciates Schultz’s efforts.

“Erin stepped forward and added greatly to the quality of our graduation ceremony with the beautiful masks she created,” he said. “All of us understand the importance of face masks during the global coronavirus pandemic, and we are thankful Erin agreed to use her considerable talent to make our ceremony even more special. Her actions also demonstrate the support by Tusculum of our community.”

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