Scott signs with East High

Standing from left, Dr. Jeff Perry, superintendent of Hamblen County schools; assistant principals Morgane Watkins and Sarah Cooper; LeAnn Maness, WBL coordinator; Leigh Ann Mills, special services coordinator; Mandy Lloyd, special services supervisor; and East Principal Joe Ely, along with, seated from left, Jennifer Buchanan, school nutrition supervisor, WBL signee Terrell Scott, and Tammy Webb, East High Café manager celebrate Terrell’s Café job signing.

Terrell Scott, a Morristown East High School student with a disability, has participated in the Work-Based Learning program for a few years. Knowing he would be leaving the program in May 2019, the WBL team worked hard to find a job site placement for him.

Tammy Webb, café manager at East High School, has allowed WBL students to work in the café to develop their skills since being the café manager at East High School.

Terrell took on a much greater role working in the café in the spring semester of 2019. His duties included: dishwasher, stocking drinks and other items, collected and emptied trash, broke down boxes, and made slushies. He performed the duties with a smile on his face.

LeAnne Maness, Work Based Learning coordinator for students with disabilities at East High School, and Webb shared a vision for Terrell. They collaborated on his work potential and life after high school opportunities.

Together, they agreed that everyone deserves a chance in life. It takes one person believing in someone that could turn that person’s life around. Maness and Webb would like to see other employers give students with disabilities a chance for employment.

“We should be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody,” they agreed.

Webb shared the vision of employing Terrell in the café. A position was created and approved. With assistance, Terrell completed the necessary paperwork requirements for employment.