McVicker: It’s very clear to me that God wants to do something great here

Lakeway Christian Academy principal David McVicker stands outside the new facility, which is set to open in August.

He might be a little biased, but with 20 years of experience in Christian education, Lakeway Christian Academy principal David McVicker is a little partial to the nearly-ready to open school campus.

“I’ve travelled around to a lot of Christian schools and I don’t think there’s one that we can’t stand up against in comparison in terms of facilities and resources and that’s a blessing from the Lord to be sure,” he said.

But the mission of education, Christian or secular, goes well past the quality of facilities. There’s a large mission, at Lakeway Christian, and McVicker is thrilled to be part of it.

“I felt a sense of calling to be a part of what the Lord is doing here at this school and in this community,” he said. “I have a passion and excitement about the vision for this school and what could be here at Lakeway.

“The people God has brought here to the school, to be part of this, so many fantastic stories. It’s become real clear to me and our family that God wants to do something great here at Lakeway Christian Academy.

“For me, my prayer has always been Lord put me where you want to use me. I want to be where God is doing something and it’s very clear to me that God wants to do something great here at the this school and through this school.”

McVicker and his wife, Bridget – who teaches at Cornerstone – have two kids, Mary Woods and Hardy, both of whom are students in the Lakeway system. The family came to the Lakeway Area two years ago to join the movement to launch the new school.

Now, as the two-year construction process comes to a close and the school prepares to open to students for the first time in August, McVicker said there’s a sense of getting to a finish line. But, he said, the reality is, that’s when the race really starts.

“Now we can really open the floodgates and be able to take advantage of these resources to offer programs and the curriculums and different things we’ve been planning for the last two years,” he said. “We’ve been able to do a lot of great things while sharing the space with Cornerstone. Obviously coming here and having a little more room and a little more resources opens things up for what we can do.”

A native of South Carolina, McVicker earned his BS in Science Teaching from Clemson and his Masters in educational leadership at Covenant College.

It’s that leadership he brings to Lakeway Christian, but he said, one of the pluses in being a principal at a school like Lakeway is he doesn’t have to sacrifice being able to build personal relationships with students to do his job.

“That’s a priority for us, building those relationships with our students helping our students find their voice,” he said. “We talk a lot about the idea that every student here has been created in God’s image and he’s put unique gifts and abilities into each one of them. Our privilege is to help them discover what those gifts and abilities are and to help them develop those things.”

He said the goal is to prepare the students so that when they walk across the stage and receive their diploma, they are ready to go into whatever role God has called them to perform.

“Being prepared to be a leader for Christ and the Christ-kingdom,” he said. “You do that through relationships. I love being able to walk the halls and know students’ names, having relationships with those students. This student is on the basketball team. This student is into robotics. And for them to know me and know who I am and know that I care about them. You get to be able to do that in this kind of environment.”

McVicker said Lakeway’s educators operate in a partnership with students’ parents.

“We believe that God holds parents responsible for the education of their children. When they bring them to our school, they don’t give up that responsibility,” he said. “They’re asking us to come alongside them. We believe that when the things we’re saying and doing and teaching in school align with the thing being said and done and taught in the home, we can accomplish so much more than if we’re in opposition with one and another or if we’re just not talking with one and another.”

McVicker said the ideal Lakeway families will be parents and students seeking to be part of a community.

“Not just a transactional thing, but a relationship with a community, a place where you can really grow and thrive,” he said. “We can help each of those students reach their full potential.”