LCA Staff making a difference

Lakeway has a wonderful staff including Spiritual Life Department assistant and Head Softball coach Ellen Reed. She is from Jackson, TN where she graduated high school from Trinity Christian Academy. She went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee and has earned credit towards a master’s in social work. Since graduating from college in 2014, she has been coaching at the collegiate level at the University of Memphis, Bethel University, University of Louisiana-Lafayette, and ULL. Ever since she was nine years old, softball has been a huge part of her life. She played softball as an eighth grader till high school graduation and throughout college at the University of Tennessee. After graduating from UT, she played with two different professional teams, Chicago Bandits and the ScrapYard Dawgs based in Houston, TX.

How did she go from a professional baseball player to working with us at Lakeway? She says, “There were two people who mentioned that a new high school was opening in Morristown and was looking for a softball coach. The first person who called me about it was my former college coach, Karen Weekly. When she called and told me about this position, I was pretty quick to disregard the opportunity because my husband and I had recently moved to take other coaching positions out of state. A few weeks later, my older sister, Ivy Lowery called me to tell me about Lakeway as well. She had a connection with Jeramy Ezell, our current assistant principal, who had called her about the job. As my husband and I prayed about it, I called Dr. Brown just to find out more about the school and what they were looking for exactly. As I talked to him, I loved the mission and vision of the school and knew this was something that I wanted to be a part of. I came to visit a few weeks later and knew that this was going to be my new home. It has been a joy to see the Lord work in my life through leading my husband and I to Lakeway.”

What does Reed hope to accomplish at LCA as a coach and as an assistant in the Spiritual Life Department? She says, “I have been in ministry most of my life. I was always taught that just because I am not a youth pastor’s wife or involved directly with church leadership, that does not mean I am not called to make disciples. Being able to share my experiences growing up with these young people and sharing my faith with them is something that I enjoy doing every day. As the Spiritual Life assistant, I want to show them the love of Christ every day that I walk through the hallways and interact with them. I hope they see the joy I have in Jesus and want to experience it themselves. I plan to encourage and challenge students in their walk with the Lord through chapel, community service, bible studies, and other outreach opportunities. My hope is to impact the lives of the young people I work with for the Kingdom of God. While coaching, I hope to not only teach our young athletes about the game of softball, but I also hope they learn what it means to compete for Christ and with a Christ like attitude.”

As a reminder from last week, you are invited to attend our last Lakeway Live meeting to learn more about us! The meeting will be on May 6 starting at 6 p.m. at Cornerstone Academy (4801 S. Davy Crockett Parkway). You can RSVP through the link on our Facebook page.

Be sure to check back next week for another glimpse into the life of another LCA staff member and get the latest news and updates.