Ultimately, Lakeway Christian Academy is for the children.

But not just the children of a select few with the means to afford it.

And it’s not for a handful of academic or athletic elite, either.

Headmaster Stephen Denny says the goal is to keep Lakeway Christian schools accessible and affordable for anyone who wants to attend.

The idea is to destroy the stereotype of private Christian education.

“While we certain have those higher scoring students, we want to offer Christian education to the whole range of students or family that wants to be involved on our campus.”

As headmaster, Denny oversees LCA and Cornerstone. The principals of each school report to Denny, who in turn reports to Executive Director Bob Brown.

That leadership team works together with the ultimate goal of providing quality private Christian education to those who want it.

“We want to offer an exceptional educational experience to promote well-rounded students,” said Denny.

In his 20 years in Christian school administration, Denny has worked as an athletic director, in advancement and now, for the last year, he’s been headmaster.

Like the rest of the Lakeway schools leadership team, Denny is excited for August to arrive and LCA to get to use its new facilities.

“What students and parents will be able to experience here is this is a caring culture,” he said. “It is relationally focused and oriented. You don’t get kind of pushed to the side. You’re very intricately involved in everything that goes on here.

“Hopefully, that makes our students and our families feel valuable in this process. Ultimately equipping them and preparing them for what God has called them to next.”

One way that goal will be achieved, beyond the traditional avenues of academics and athletics, is through the Christian Life program.

“We have a great support staff in place, spiritually,” he said. “They’re going to be engaging, connecting with kids to build them up in all areas. That’s really what makes us unique. Not so much what as much as how.”

The Christian Life Department will be three educators as well as the Dean of Students. They will work to build one-on-one individual relationships with LCA students.

“We’re gonna create a matrix of points of contact. How many times we’re in contact with each student. As students develop and get more comfortable, engage more deeply in leadership roles as students gain more clarity in their walk with Christ, then that kind of unfolds a little more.

“We want to make sure that we’re having contact with every student extensively so that we’re building those relationships.

“That’s the value of being part of this place and being a part of Lakeway.”