East Tennessee Paranormal group to appear on new Travel Channel show

The East Tennessee Paranormal Project members.

A Lakeway Area paranormal group will be featured on a new Travel Channel show to air tonight.

“Ghost Nation,” featuring hosts Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, will focus on an investigation involving the East Tennessee Paranormal Project in Morristown. The series airs at 10 p.m. and will be repeated multiple times throughout the week.

Member Jessica Clevinger and her husband Cody have had an interest in the paranormal throughout their lives.

The Clevingers met a brother and sister, Stephen and Stephanie Cothran, who all worked together at Sykes in Morristown.

“How we got formed was when we and Stephen and Stephanie Cothran, along with Mac Mchone, our lead investigator, were all interested in the paranormal,” Jessica Clevinger said. “I’ve been in this group for two years. Mac has had other groups in the past and has been investigating the paranormal for many years.”

The Cothrans and Clevingers met with Mchone and the group was formed.

“My husband Cody and I worked at Sykes in Morristown,” Jessica said. “Steven was in my training group. Somehow he and I got together on the paranormal at lunch. I wanted to join a group to investigate the paranormal.

“Steven introduced me to Stephanie and Mac. It’s been the five of us since then. We’re a tight-knit and close group,” Jessica said.

Jessica grew up next to a supposedly haunted house that served as a Civil War field hospital and heard stories of the ghosts that inhabited it, which piqued her interest in the paranormal. Steven and Stephanie grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, which has a lot of haunted locations they grew up knowing about.

The East Tennessee Paranormal Project was at the Knoxville Fanboy expo as a group. Jessica asked a question about a paranormal case in White Pine that the group had evidence on.

“We wanted to know what advice that the producers could give us,” Misty said. “That’s when the producers announced the new show.”

The group will also be at Conapalooza at Meadowview Conference and Convention Center in Kingsport on Saturday. The group will also participate in a panel at 9 p.m.

The East Tennessee Paranormal Project is looking to increase its social media presence. In addition to their internet website www.etppghost.com, the group can be found on Facebook under “East Tennessee Paranormal Project.”