It’s part humor.

It’s all educational.

The Hamblen County’s Department of Education Career & Technology Education department and the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to provide a video to students and the public.

The goal?

It’s simple.

Let them know what advanced manufacturing is and how it can be an option for them in the future.

“We want students to know options in careers and especially in Morristown,” said Scott Ezell, digital media special for Hamblen County schools.

The video will be the first in a series of videos highlighting work options in Hamblen County and encouraging students that there are options for them in the community.

One of those options is in advanced manufacturing. Currently, Morristown has more than 100 manufacturing facilities in the area and there is a disconnect on what types of jobs are offered.

Chuck Carter, supervisor for Hamblen County CTE, said starting in the ‘80s many parents began wanting their kids to go to college and get degrees. That’s an option, but there are more options out there, he said.

Working at a plant has garnered a bad identity, Carter said. What many people don’t realize is that in manufacturing there are more jobs than just working at the assembly line. Many of the area manufacturers employee engineers, chemists, biologists and many other professional jobs.

Enter the new video that CTE and the Chamber produced, which will be featured on their social media networks.

The idea for the video came about a few months ago when school counselors told Carter that there needed to be a video made explaining those avenue. Carter approached the chamber and Jodi Barnard, executive assistant, became involved.

They enlisted the aid of Ezell to film and produce the video and Brandon Moore, former East High School choir director, to be the lead actor in the video.

The ideas started forming at the end of January and the beginning of February and by March 3, Ezell started shooting the first video.

He first had a group of students come into the East High School library and they were asked questions about their knowledge of manufacturing by Moore. The whole entire time, everyone socially distanced.

The takes led to many answers by students that are hilarious with some saying they didn’t know what manufacturing is.

“They had no idea what they were being asked,” Ezell said.

“They were very candid,” Barnard replied.

Carter said that was the point of the video. To educate students such as the ones answering the questions, so they will know as they grow up. He said it also acts as a way to educate parents.

“This isn’t a student-only video,” Carter said.

Besides asking students questions, the production also visited Colortech where Ezell shot footage. It took a total of three days to shoot the video.

The product is a fun educational piece that can hopefully let students and parents see another side of advanced manufacturing. The chamber, along with CTE, each contributed a minimal amount of money for the project.

“It was a low budget project with a high budget result,” Carter said.

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