Editor’s Note: This is part II of a series of stories looking at the Tennessee Report Card scores for Lakeway Area schools.

Almost every Lakeway Area school saw increases in academic achievement in the recently released state report card, but almost every county school system fell behind state averages, an analysis by the Citizen Tribune shows.

The only two school systems to achieve better scores than the state averages were Newport and Rogersville city schools, data shows. Out of the county school systems, Hamblen County saw the only achievement greater than state averages with 40.5% of students above average in social studies compared to the state average of 38.7%.

The state released its annual Tennessee Report Card data last week as a way for parents, teachers and administrators to compare schools and school districts.

The information used on the report card comes from data collected during the 2017-2018 school year, state officials said.

In Academic Achievement, the Rogersville and Newport school systems were well above the state averages in all four categories: Success Rate, Mathematics, English Language Arts and Social Studies.

According to the Tennessee Department of Education, all data used is collected from state tests conducted throughout the year to show student improvement.

Rogersville City Schools recorded a Success Rate of 41.5%, which is an indicator of how many students are at or above grade level in learning. Rogersville scored 45.2% in math, 39% in ELA and 50.7% in Social Studies.

Newport City Schools scored 40.8% in Success Rate, 40.6% in math, 41% in ELA and 63.4% in Social Studies.

In comparison, state averages are 36.4% in Success Rate, 37% in Math, 34.9% in ELA and 38.7% in Social Studies.

Both the Newport and Rogersville school systems serve students until 8th grade, so high school scores are not factored into the results.

For county school systems in the Lakeway Area, Hamblen County recorded the best results with Success Rate at 35.5%, Math at 36.6%, ELA at 33.3% and Social Studies at 40.5%. The Hamblen school system saw a jump in mathematics, recording a 3.3% increase in this category compared to the previous year.

Grainger County saw some of the largest jumps in achievement, but still fell below state averages.

Grainger had a 28.8% Success Rate, up 2.5%, 28.5% in ELA, up 2.2%, 28.8% in math, up 3.7% and 28.1% in Social Studies, an increase of 2.9%.

The Claiborne County school system also saw increases of 2.4% in Success Rate, 3.1% in Math, 2.7% in ELA, while Social Studies held steady with no increases or decreases.

The one school system in the Lakeway Area that saw decreases and fell well behind state averages was Hancock County, data shows.

The county’s Success Rate came in at 18.8%, a decrease of 0.3%, 15.2% in Math, a lowering of 0.6% and 23.1% in ELA, a decrease of 1%.

The Hancock County school system did improve in Social Studies with students scoring 27.3%, a 1.3% increase.

Report card scores for Academic Achievement for Lakeway Area Schools are:


• Success Rate: 31.6%

• Math: 31.9%

• ELA: 31%

• Social Studies: 28.3%


• Success Rate: 29%

• Math: 27.5%

• ELA: 30.1%

• Social Studies: 28.8%


• Success Rate: 28.8%

• Math: 28.8%

• ELA: 28.5%

• Social Studies: 28.1%


• Success Rate: 35.5%

• Math: 36.6%

• ELA: 33.3%

• Social Studies: 40.5%


• Success Rate: 18.8%

• Math: 15.2%

• ELA: 23,1%

• Social Studies: 27.3%


• Success Rate: 31.4%

• Math: 30.4%

• ELA: 31.8%

• Social Studies: 30.2%


• Success Rate: 29%

• Math: 27.5%

• ELA: 32.1%

• Social Studies: 37%


• Success Rate: 40.8%

• Math: 40.6%

• ELA: 41%

• Social Studies: 63.4%


• Success Rate: 41.5%

• Math: 45.2%

• ELA: 39%

• Social Studies: 50.7%


• Success Rate: 36.4%

• Math: 37%

• ELA: 34.9%

• Social Studies: 38.7%