McNabb Center discussing vaccine and mental health

As more individuals receive access to COVID-19 vaccinations, the McNabb Center is optimistic about secondary COVID-19 issues such as stress induced conditions.

“Access to vaccines will bring a sense of hope to individuals who have been feeling high levels of anxiety or stress during the global pandemic,” said Jerry Vagnier, McNabb Center’s president and CEO. “We all know that mental health has been an ongoing concern and it is essential that we work together as a community to focus on the positive strides we have seen.”

Behavioral health in the community must still be prioritized as the state continues rolling out vaccines for high risk individuals and essential workers.

While still unknown, the behavioral health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic may be longlasting.

Generally speaking, high levels of stress and anxiety can trigger mental health and/or substance use symptoms. If untreated, these mental health conditions can grow and affect the individual, their family and the greater community.

If you or a loved one are experiencing mental health concerns related to COVID-19, the McNabb Center can help.

Call the COVID-19 helpline at 1-855-661-9191 for access to free resource assistance and emotional support.