From Staff Reports

Kaylee Frisbee, 18, a senior at Cosby High School, says her favorite subject in school is health science.

“I find the subject very interesting,” she said. “My two health teachers deserve a big thank you.”

Her parents are Vinson and Susan Frisbee.

She loves to work, work out and shop. Her favorite band is Florida-Georgia Line, favorite movie is “The Notebook” and favorite book is “The Holy Bible.”

The senior said if she had $1 million she would donate some of the money to animal shelters.

“I would also give money to my parents for all the love and support they have shown me throughout the years,” she said.

When she graduates, she plans to attend the Tennessee College of Applied Technology to become a license practical nurse.

She said she always had the desire to help others in need.

For underclassmen, her advice is for them to try their hardest and never give up.

She said she thinks the greatest challenge for America today is the corruption in it as a result of the removal of God. Her most exciting moment has been falling in love with the person God made for her, she said.

Her role model and hero is her mother.

“She has pushed me to be the woman I am today,” Kaylee said. “She has also taught me that nothing in life is easy and you have to fight for what you want.”

Kaylee’s biggest challenge in life, she said, is her anxiety. She said it has helped prove to her she can get through anything with the help of God.

The greatest challenge for young people today i the peer pressure of wanting to be like everyone else. She said young people need to be themselves and want to be unique.

The most interesting place she ever visited has been New York City because it’s so much different than rural Tennessee.

She said one thing she would change about school, if she could, is the funding situation. She said she doesn’t think the schools receive enough money for supplies and resources.

Kaylee said if the schools were funded better, she thinks future students would be more determined.