Morristown native releases latest single

Morristown native Jonathan Shockley has released a new single. For video coverage, go online to

Jonathan Shockley has released a new single and the silky smooth singer’s message is that he can’t get “Close Enough” to you.

Shockley, a Morristown-Hamblen High School West and Carson-Newman graduate, moved to Nashville to work on his pop singing career and he said he’s having the time of his life as he pursues his musical passion.

But, he doesn’t forget his roots.

“Morristown played a really big role into who I am,” Shockley said.

He moved to Music City two years ago to pursue his dream. He now goes by the stage name Shockley, just using his last name.

Last Friday, he released the single, “Close Enough,” which can be found on all music streaming platforms available to purchase.

The single combines an element of R&B mixed with electronica. Shockley said it’s part of five to six singles he plans on releasing within the next six months.

He also has a collection of other singles that he has released, including “Dance With Me,” “Skyline” and “Night Lights,” which also features Denisse Borquez.

Shockley was in Knoxville over the weekend, playing a show at the Square Room in Knoxville at Market Square.

He said it’s been awhile since he came back to East Tennessee.

“That’s the first time I’ve been there in a while,” he said.

He graduated from West High School in 2013 and then graduated from Carson-Newman University in 2017 with a degree in biblical studies.

His music career began singing in church and at one point he was the worship director for Arrowhead Church. He decided to move to Nashville in 2017.

He said he plays piano, but while live he sticks to singing.

Shockley said since he has been to Nashville, he’s not performed that much as he’s found out the intricacies of Music City.

“You kind of want to be strategic about when and where you play,” he said.

One question to be asked, is how does a pop singer make it in a town known for country music?

Shockley said the pop scene is burgeoning in the town where Hank Williams Sr. once made his mark and that he expects the whole place to change within five to 10 years.

“It’s Music City,” he said. “It’s just not country... The pop scene is about to burst. It’s just all genres, blurring of music.”

He said while Morristown will remain close to his heart, he is finding that he is taking up roots in Middle Tennessee. He said it’s becoming more and more his home.

Shockley said he has a dream to release an album.

“I hope to do that with a label behind me,” he said.

You can follow Shockley on Instagram @_Shockley_ or follow him on Facebook @Shockley.