Magic, enchantment, and adventure is brewing at Rose Center. This summer, a Medieval Fairy Tale themed summer camp will be available to students from two years old to high school. Art projects will revolve around dragons, castles, knights and princesses, fairies and goblins, and myths and legends.

In June, camps will include Fairy Tale Castle: Art and Imagination for 2-3 year olds. Children will create their own castle, decorate it with all kinds of materials, and act out famous stories. Also in June will be Paintings of Myth and Legend where campers will paint everything from dragons to crystal balls, and Song of the Dragon, in which campers will create their own song about a dragon on a ukulele.

July will be filled with two clay camps, Enchanted Clay Creations for different age groups, ranging from kindergarten to high school. In this camp, students will make Dragon Egg Luminaries that light up in the dark, coil-built castles, and elaborate goblets. To finish the month, campers can create their own habitats in Fairy and Goblin Houses. Campers’ houses will be made out of natural and found materials, be placed in a clay pot with soil, rocks, flowers and moss, and can be left in the garden to see if fairies and goblins visit!

To register for summer camps or to get more information, please contact, or call Rose Center at 423-581-4330. Camps will run the week of June 8th through July 20th.