Rose Center’s Java Jive concert series runs November through May, and features some of the best local talent the Lakeway Region has to offer.

Following stellar performances this season by folks like Yolanda Treece, Mitch Smith, Peyton Bennett, and many others, Java Jive is bringing a high energy bash to get the audience on their feet and finish up the season in high style.

This final performance of the season features a group of musicians that first came together during Encore’s production of Rock of Ages in 2016. The band consists of Wayne Stambaugh, Jim Pope, Rodney Tomlinson, and Chris Morelock. Since Rock of Ages, many people have asked when this group would perform again. After very little prompting, Wayne reached out and “got the band back together”. It didn’t take long for the band members to find their groove and choose some great tunes from 30 years of popular hits.

Run for Cover - The Show will take the audience on a musical journey from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. Prepare to relive your inner rock child as you sit back and enjoy decades’ favorites from bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Police, Genesis, Elton John, Journey, and many more. Currently, the band does not have a name, but they are hoping that audience members can help out with that during the show. Run for Cover The Show is a full-on interactive musical experience for all ages.

About the performers… Wayne Stambaugh plays guitar for Run for Cover - The Show and is a local attorney. Wayne has been actively playing guitar since high school, writing original music with Chris Morelock, and recently was the music director for Encore’s production of American Idiot.

Jim Pope is the drummer for Run for Cover - The Show and has been playing for more than 30 years.

He is the principle drummer at Manley Baptist Church and has played in over 15 musicals for Encore, The Theatre Guild, and Walters State Theatre Department. Jim has been with State Farm Insurance since 1988, specializing in financial planning, mutual fund investing, and life insurance. He runs his own agency and employs several licensed agents that can help with auto, home, life, health, and business insurance.

Rodney Tomlinson plays bass guitar for Run for Cover - The Show. He has been involved with music for most of his life. He recently played for Encore’s American Idiot and can be heard weekly at First Baptist Church Morristown.

Chris Morelock is lead vocalist for Run for Cover - The Show and is the Department Head of English at Walters State. He has performed in many local, regional, and professional theatrical productions over the past 25 years. He is currently recording a studio project with Mitch Smith in a band Further Born.

The final Java Jive performance will take place Friday, May 17th at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.. The performance is free and open to the public.

General admission seating is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Guests are permitted to bring snacks and adult beverages.

Donations are encouraged during intermission.