Blues man to play  the Elk’s Lodge Friday

Jon Paul Worley and the Revelators will perform at the Elks Lodge Friday night.

The sound of soul will fill the room of the Elk’s Lodge tonight as Jon Paul Worley and the Revelators take the stage to sing the blues.

Worley, who lives in Newport, is in a sense, coming home.

“I grew up in Morristown,” he said. “We now live in Newport.”

Worley left Morristown and went on his way to pursue a musical career. He ran away from home at 15 and wound up on the streets of New Orleans. He got into music first playing in “trailer park punk bands.”

But, as life sometimes goes, he came full circle back into the Lakeway Area.

“Now, years and years later, I kept playing music, and now I’m back,” he said.

As a solo act, Worley plays by himself on the keyboards as the act Cornbread. When he has a drummer, the act is booked as the Cornbread Blues Band and when he is accompanied by a drummer and a saxaphone, he books as John Paul Worley and the Revelators.

Tonight’s showing will showcase Worley on vocals and keyboard, along with a drummer and sax.

Worley belts out mostly original blues numbers combined with some covers that he makes his own.

His voice is reminiscent of a combination of Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters. At points, it can be scratchy and howling and at other points, smooth and soulful.

He sees himself as a caretaker of the music. He is bringing a part of history back to his audience as he sings the blues.

Worley said there’s not many kids playing blues anymore, or even traditional music.

He says his work is post-modern deconstructionist blues, which is a breakdown of the blues.

Wallace Coleman, a world renowned blues harmonica player and native of Morristown, is one of his heroes.

“He’s been a real inspiration to me,” Worley said. “I met him in a Waffle House one time, he told me some crazy stuff. That’s probably one of the reasons I’m playing music right now. He said, ‘You’re a little white boy I heard tell of, come over here and talk to me.”

John Paul Worley and the Revelators will take the stage at 8 p.m. tonight at the Elk’s Lodge at 517 E. Main St.