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Winter Hummingbird

Posted on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 5:26 pm

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I have been a resident of Russellville for about 6 years now, and I have always been a follower of Hummingbirds. In September of 2011 , I noticed a ” new ” hummingbird at my feeders. I took many photos of this hummingbird, and sent them off to various groups to help get it identified. I was contacted by Mark Armstrong, of the Knoxville Zoo, who came and captured the bird, banded it, and sent the info off to get it identified. It was identified as an Allens Hummingbird, native to Northern California, and the Oregon area.

This bird left in December of 2011, however, in September of 2012, it returned, and has been here ever since, all through the winter months, and is still here today..Mark Armstrong returned to capture the bird a second time, to verify the leg tag that he had placed on the bird, and it is the same bird..

This was only the second recorded visit of an Allens Hummingbird in East Tennessee, and I am happy to say he seems to enjoy his home here. Just a note to other Hummingbird followers, that it is always a good idea to leave at least one feeder up throughout the winter months, as these winter hummingbirds may be here, but not just seen due to not having feeders in view to verify their presence.

Wally Manspeaker
4812 Brookview Drive
Russellville, TN.