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Vols squeak by Cobras 13-10 in boys’ Rec hoops

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 1:04 pm

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 The Vols won close, 13-10, over the Cobras in Boys’ Rec League action. Dylan Nufrio led the Vols with five points, while Noah Templeton led the Cobras with a game high six points.

 The Globetrotters squeaked by the Blue Devils 18-16. Brendan Mattis led the Globetrotters with a game high 16 points, while Harry Simms led the Blue Devils’ attack with six in the loss.

 The Predators topped the Timberwolves 12-6. Brady Gray, Matthew Collins, and Cy Mincey led the Predators with four points each, while Landon Howard also led the Timberwolves with four points.

 The Trailblazers defeated the Jayhawks 33-29. Grant Barnette led the Trailblazers with nine points, while Russell Witt led the Jayhawks with a game high 10 points in the loss.

 The Express were derailed by the Bucks 31-26. Korey Kinsler led the Bucks with 10 points, while Noah Wolfenbarger also led the Express with 10 points in the loss.

 The Thunder dethroned the Kings 40-30. Damian Hazelton led the Thunder with a game high 14 points, while Gage Whitaker led the Kings with 12 in the loss.


 The Stars topped the Skywalkers 28-13. Lindsey Rosevon led the Stars with eight points, while Mariah Johnson led the Skywalkers with five in the loss.

 The Sparks defeated the Lady Tar Heels 37-24. Mackenzie King led the Sparks with 19 points, while Tiffany Dover led the Lady Tar Heels with 11 points in the loss.

 The Crush squeaked by the Comets 25-24. Kaitlyn Hopkins led the Crush with a game high 15 points, while Chesney Dunlap led the Comets with nine points.

 The Angels fell to the Dazzlers 37-19. Katie Deering led the Dazzlers with a game high 12 points, while Brittany Maness led the Angels with eight points.


 Howmet defeated the Lookouts 54-37. Kara Caldwell led Howmet with 13 points, while Sloane Biggs also led the Lookouts with 13 points.

 Stinson’s Stars topped Rich’s 54-18. Tee Demors led Stinson’s Stars with a game high 19 points, while Chrissy Turner led Rich’s with six in the loss.

 B-Team fell to the Bucs 41-35. Brittany Furches led the Bucs with 11 points, while Allison Heck and Catherine Cook led B-Team with eight points each.


 D.T. topped Chaos 58-57. Shane Murphy led D.T. with a game high 15 points, while Josh Moore led Chaos with 13 in the loss.

 International Paper fell to KTN 58-56. Caleb McBride’s 22 points and Josh Hixon’s 20 led KTN, while David Self’s 17 points and Bradley Purkey’s 16 led International Paper.

 Alcoa Howmet took down Trelleborg 57-21. Dustin Lawson led Alcoa Howmet with a game high 10 points, while Brandon Dunn’s six points led Trelleborg in the loss.

 Jimmy’s Auto Parts defeated Exit Triple “E” Realty 77-53. Josh Tigner’s 23 points, Matt Craine’s 22 points, and Bo Craine’s 15 points led Jimmy’s Auto Parts. Dave Elkins’ 16 and Dustin Miller’s 15 led Exit Triple “E” Realty in the loss.

 Pharmacy Express took down the Pioneers 88-34. Sam Hodge’s game high 31 points and Cory Shaw’s 19 points led Pharmacy Express, while Ryan Barnard’s 14 points led the Pioneers in the loss.

 Rescue 180 fell to the Dream Team 69-59. Chase Holder’s game high 24 points, Ryan Moyers’ 21 points, and Cole Draughn’s 19 led the Dream Team. Rescue 180 was led by Mike Daniel’s 16 points in the loss.

 Los Manis topped Los Magicos 47-37. Antonio Pacheco led Los Manis with 13 points, while Matthew Rippetoe led Los Magicos with a game high 15 points in the loss.

 By-Lo Markets took down The Fly Boys 52-34. Trevor Mason led By-Lo Markets with a game high 21 points, while Mike Moore led The Fly Boys with 11 points.

 The Rockets defeated the Old Dawgs 60-18. Charles Seals led the Rockets with a game high 15 points, while Aubrey Beeler led the Old Dawgs with eight in the loss.

 All stats and scores were taken from score sheets provided by the Morristown Parks and Recreation Department.