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Rogersville announces July Fourth line-up

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2013 at 4:25 pm

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 The Rogersville Fourth of July Celebration committee has announced the entertainment lineup for 2013. Once again, there will be co-headlining entertainment with a country artist and a contemporary Christian artist.

 The celebration will take place in the Rogersville City Park on Saturday, July 6 as voted by the committee.

 Known as well for her acting career as her up and coming music career, Jana Kramer will be one of the co-headliners for the 2013 show. Kramer has been a professional actor on many television and movie screens over the past several years, but her passion is singing.

 Kramer has already had one big hit song on Billboard with “Why Ya Wanna” and is currently charting with her latest single “Whiskey.”

 Her appearances on popular TV shows, “One Tree Hill” and “90210” helped jump start her career.

 If Kramer had to describe her life in this very moment she would say, “Dreams really do come true.”

 The singer/songwriter/actress has already had success with three songs that were featured on The CW’s “One Tree Hill,” where she plays the firecracker actress, Alex Dupre. Jana will debut a fourth song on “One Tree Hill” this upcoming season.

 Kramer is no stranger to the bright lights with her impressive string of movie and television roles, but she credits her recent break into the music industry as her most important accomplishment to date.

 “I love acting, but my heart and soul is in singing. I’ve been terrified to pursue this dream because it’s so personal to me. If someone tells me they don’t like my voice, it’s a lot harder of a hit to take,” said Kramer. “This is what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve wanted to do music my entire life.”

 Growing up in Michigan, Kramer is no stranger to the rich history of country music, crediting one of her favorite memories to baking cookies with her grandmother while listening to Patsy Cline. These little moments are one of the many reasons why Jana hopes to share her music with others.

 The singer-songwriter is lighting up country music, selling over 150,000 digital singles in her first six months.

 “Country music is in my blood. I love country music because it tells a story and I have a lot of stories to tell,” Kramer said.

 Nominated for Academy of Country Music New Female Vocalist of the Year, Kramer will be coming off of a national tour with Blake Shelton this summer to entertain the crowd at the 2013 Rogersville Fourth of July Celebration and her latest single should continue to climb the charts.

 Also co-headlining on the lineup is contemporary Christian music stars, the Newsboys. Boldly energized by 2010’s best-selling “Born Again” record, its three No. 1 radio hits, and a headlining slot on the world’s biggest tour in first quarter of 2011 (playing to more than half a million people), Newsboys are back in earnest with “God’s Not Dead,” an apologetics megaphone of sorts.

 The rock-driven set finds soulful front man Michael Tait and his steadfast band mates Jeff Frankenstein (keys), Duncan Phillips (drums) and Jody Davis (guitars) enlivening the most embraced modern worship anthems, putting their signature touch on songs that have recently topped the Church Copyright Licensing International chart.

 Throughout the band’s award-winning, envelope-pushing history, expressions of worship have always been evident in any given Newsboys track listing. Sometimes they’ve even dominated an entire gold-selling album, as on “Adoration” nearly a decade ago. When Tait joined the group in 2009, he and the other three ‘boys—the true heart of the quartet, having played together since 1994—wanted fans to know that worship emphasis would never change.

 In fact, plans for the “God’s Not Dead” album and the current tour began before “Born Again” was released. The Grammy and Dove Award nominated band with multiple number one singles and albums will take the stage in Rogersville on Saturday, July 6.

 Chairman of the 4th of July Celebration, Dr. Blaine Jones, said of the move to Saturday, July 6, “It is getting harder and harder to negotiate with the artists for weekday, holiday events,” Jones said. “The committee looked at this and also other economic factors in making the decision to move the celebration. Most of us are traditionalists and we would love to keep it on the 4th, but feasibly it is getting harder and harder to do so.”

 Jones said by moving to Saturday, it also allows people easier travel to visit and larger crowds.

 The Rogersville Fourth of July Celebration is under the umbrella of the 501c3 Four Square, Inc., a nonprofit, all volunteer organization.

 Anyone who would like to become a major sponsor or for more information, contact Dr. Blaine Jones at 423-272-3150.