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Parker scores 53, College Park Pharmacy tops Slow Motion 118-75 in men’s Rec action

Posted on Friday, February 22, 2013 at 12:41 pm

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With the help of Bronson Parker’s 53 points, College Park Pharmacy eclipsed the century mark against Slow Motion 118-75. Robbie Carpenter added 20 and Rusty Arwood added 18 for College Park Pharmacy in the win. Slow Motion was led by Brian Odell and Matt Reese with 17 points each.

 G-Gun topped the Usual Suspects 64-57. Damon Sheets led G-Gun with 25 points, while Wahkeem Simpson led the Usual Suspects with a game high 26 points.

 Parkway Auto defeated the Toon Squad 84-81. Nathan Atkins led Parkway Auto with a game high 41 points and was helped by Ben Rednour’s 19, while the Toon Squad was led by Chris Blevins’ 27, Josh Henrichs’ 21, and Adam Hyleman’s 20.

 Trelleborg fell to Chaos 58-36. Joe Horner led Chaos with a game high 14 points, while Brandon Dunn led Trelleborg with 11 in the loss.

 International Paper took down Alcoa-Howmet 57-53. Joey Bradshaw led International Paper with a game high 21 points and was helped by Andrew Winstead’s 17, while Don Moore led Alcoa-Howmet with 15 in the loss.

 D.T. topped K.T.N. 50-42. Jake Smith Peters led D.T. with a game high 23 points, while David Durfey led K.T.N. with 22 in the defeat.

 The Old Dawgs fell to Team Honda 59-28. Caleb Arnold led Team Honda with a game high 13 points and was helped by Jackie Wheat and Cameron Cornett’s 11 points each. Shane Moody led the Old Dawgs with 12 in the loss.

 The Rockets took down Los Magicos 54-44. Charles Seals led the Rockets with 14 points and was helped by Lucas Doughat’s 12, while Matthew Rippetoe led Los Magicos with 14 in the defeat.

 The Fly Boys defeated Los Manis 62-57. The Fly Boys were led by Josh Smith’s game high 17 points and Matt Moore’s 15, while Jesus Magana Angel’s 13 points and Jesus Magana’s 11 led Los Manis.

 The Vifan Vipers fell to the Bricklayers 55-44. The Bricklayers were led by Matt Hawkins’ 17 points, Travis Kelley’s 16, and David Thompson’s 12. The Vipers were led by Will Laws’ game high 18 points and Curtis Simon’s 12 in the defeat.

 The Titanes took down PFG Hale 75-34. The Tianes were led by Ricardo Santana’s game high 34 points, Jaime Vega’s 14, and Ruben Routas’ 11. Jeremy Barnes led PFG Hale with 15 points in the loss.

 Fried Taters defeated Compton’s Auto 53-26. Andrew Woody’s game high 18 points led Fried Taters and was helped by Daniel King’s 15 in the win. Isaiah Kyle’s 14 points and Malique Dailey’s 10 led Compton’s Auto.

 The Underdogs topped the Bushwackers 61-33. Corey Mayes led the Underdogs with a game high 19 points, while Josh Greene led the Bushwackers with 11 in the loss.

 The Squad squeaked by the Pain Train 41-39 in overtime. Rodney Rice led The Squad with 14 points, while Garrett Salansky led the Pain Train with a game high 16 points in the loss.

 PRBC defeated the Mahle Tarheels 44-42. Billy Couch led PRBC with a game high 20 points, while Todd Holt led the Mahle Tarheels with 14 in the defeat.


 The Raptors topped the Timberwolves 14-9. Elliot Collins led the Raptors with eight points, while Trevor Foulks led the Timberwolves with six in the loss.

 The Globetrotters took down the Predators 14-5. Brenden Mattis led the Globetrotters with a game high 10 points, while Cy Mincey led the Predators with four in the loss.

 The Pacers fell to the Vols 14-13. Dylan Nufrio led the Vols with six points, while Kyle Cloninger led the Pacers with a game high 12 points in the loss.

 The Cobras took down the Wolfpack 11-4. Jacob Massey led the Cobras with four points, while Spencer Justice also led the Wolfpack with four in the defeat.

 The Sonics topped the Rocks 42-41. The Sonics were led by Dylan Young’s 13 points and Dallas Yount and Tyler Brooks’ 10 points each. Will Laws led the Rocks with a game high 15 points.

 The Knicks defeated the Barons by forfeit.

 The Hoosiers topped the Grizzlies by forfeit.


 The B-Team defeated Rich’s 52-38. Cathi Armstrong led B-Team with a game high 23 points, while Elaina Williams led Rich’s with 20 in the loss.

 Stinson’s Stars took down Howmet 40-39. Bridget Graves led Stinson’s Stars with 12 points, while Ashley Gray led Howmet with a game high 15 points in the defeat.

 The D’Wolves topped The Lookouts 36-32 in double overtime. Lindsey Wells led the D’Wolves with a game high 15 points, while Alice Webb led The Lookouts with 12 in the loss.

 All stats and scores were taken from score sheets provided by the Morristown Parks and Recreation Department.