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Morristown’s governing body: Morristown City Council

Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 1:08 pm

The city of Morristown is governed by a seven-member city council, which is led by Mayor Danny Thomas. The other council members are Chris Bivns, Kay Senter, Paul LeBel, Bob Garrett and Gene Brooks.

At the time this publication was sent to press, there was a vacant seat due to the recent death of councilmember Claude Jinks. Jinks seat was expected to be temporarily filled in September of 2012 and filled by election in May of 2013.

The city administrator, Tony Cox, manages the day-to-day operations of government. Cox’s closest support comes from Ralph “Buddy” Fielder, assistant city administrator.

Four of the non-mayoral council members — Bivens, Senter, Garrett and the seat vacated by Jinks — represent municipal wards, although all city residents are eligible to vote in all city elections.

LeBel and Brooks are at-large city council members, who do not represent a specific ward. The Morristown City Council meets at 5 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in Council Chambers at the Morristown City Center. In addition, the council sometimes convenes for special called meetings.

The functions of the council are:

–Adopt and amend city ordinances and resolutions;

–Determine city policies and standards of service;

–Levy, assess and collect taxes;

–Determine how much money is to be allocated for specific purposes;

–Uphold all city ordinances;

–Appoint citizens to various boards and committees.

The mayor has the exclusive right to make appointments to certain boards and committees.

The city administrator is appointed by the city council for an indefinite period of time.

The city administrator is required to attend all council meetings as the city’s official representative, but does not vote on matters before the council.

The city administrator’s duties include:

–Preparing the proposed annual city budget;

–Advising council members on a recommended course of action;

– Hiring, promoting and transferring all non-civil service employees;

–Serving as the chief of day-to-day operations of city government;

–Maintaining a friendly, efficient, orderly and businesslike administration;

–Enforcing all laws, rules and regulations passed by the city council.