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Morristown Police Department information

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 10:38 am

The Morristown Police Department is located inside the Morristown City Center on West First North Street. It serves the city of Morristown, patrolling 288 miles of roadway.

The police information desk is available to citizens from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Fridays.

Emergency 911-direct phones are located at the main entrances to the building.

The MPD is accredited through the Tennessee Law Enforcement Accrediation Program. This accredation reduces the costs associated with the MPD.

There are 86 sworn officers at the MPD and four of those officers work as school resource officers. There is also one officer assigned to the litter crew and one officer assigned to codes enforcement.

The department utilizes five K9 dogs which are specially trained to detect narcotics and bombs.

The Morristown Police Department is made up of several units, each specializing in different areas of police work.

Roger Overholt is chief of the Morristown Police Department. All department divisions can be reached by calling 423-585-2710.

Patrol Division:

The Patrol Division is an integral part of the organization, and is often referred to as the backbone of the department. Patrol units are on the streets to serve, protect and act as ambassadors to the community.

The Patrol Division is comprised of one major, three captains, three lieutenants, three sergeants and three corporals. There are 86 sworn positions, all of whom place a strong emphasis on community involvement and ensuring the quality of law enforcement services.

The Patrol Division receives around 50,000 calls for service every year.

The MPD issues around 12,000 citation charges and make roughly 3,000 arrests each year.


Investigations detectives are responsible for investigating crimes that occur insideMorristowncity limits. Their range of service extends from crimes such as vandalism to crimes against persons such as assaults and murders.

The Investigations Division includes one captain, two lieutenants, two sergeants and one corporal.

The unit also handles internal affairs investigations and background investigations of potential employees.

Several of the investigators are trained in specialized fields such as juveniles, arson, sex crimes, auto theft and criminal intelligence.

Narcotics and Vice Division:

 The Narcotics and Vice Division investigates illegal activities associated with trafficking of narcotics and controlled substances, extortion, theft, fencing, loan sharking, labor racketeering, gambling, prostitution, liquor and weapons.

The unit also coordinates with other local, state and federal law enforcement officials. It consists of MPD detectives and specially assigned patrol officers as well as three K9 units.

There is one lieutenant, one sergeant and one corporal within this division of the MPD.

Support Services:

In addition to everyday police operations, the patrol division participates in numerous specialized enforcement areas.

Officers are often called to specific areas throughoutMorristownwhere additional attention is needed to deter thefts, burglaries, accidents and property crimes. Periodically, these officers participate in sobriety checkpoints. In addition to these specialized assignments, these officers also get involved in community requested events. They continually assist civic and professional groups through education and safety awareness programs. The Support Services Division is also responsible for specialized enforcement activities, crime prevention, community policing programs and homeland security issues.

This division has one major, one captain, one lieutenant and one corporal.


The department chaplains serve as liaisons with religious organizations in the community and assist officers with death notifications, suicide scenes and catastrophes. They also provide visitation for sick or injured employees.

Special Response Team:

The MPD Special Response Team provides support for high-risk situations. Officers involved have received extensive training for things such as drug raids, high-risk arrests, barricaded armed suspects and search warrants. The unit is recognized as a regional response team by the Council of Homeland Security.

Crisis Negotiation Unit:

The Crisis Negotiation Team was established in 1995. Officers are highly trained as professional negotiators for critical incidents such as hostage and barricade situations. They receive several callouts each year and participate in numerous training exercises, including full-scale scenarios in coordination with the SRT.

Explosive Ordinance Detection Unit:

The Explosive Ordinance Detection Unit, or Bomb Squad, responds to calls of possible explosives. The unit received federal certification in 2001. The officers go through extensive training at a Federal Bureau of Investigations bomb technician school among other technical training in explosive and post-blast investigation.

Project Safe Neighborhoods:

Project Safe Neighborhoods was designed to reduce gun violence and related crime. This grant program allows officers to work with federal investigators and prosecutors to inflict harsher sentencing for repeat offenders and those convicted of crimes involving firearms.

Codes Enforcement:

The Codes Enforcement program is responsible for enforcing the Municipal Code and works to improve the quality of life through informational brochures and public events.

Recently, the program has taken on a new strategy for cleaning up blighted areas within the city. The mayor and city council support assistance to citizens in need of cleaning up their neighborhoods as part ofMorristown’s “Clean & Green” program. Employees from various city department assist with the effort by participating in neighborhood assessments. Afterwards, a public meeting is held within the targeted neighborhood. City staff informs the residents of infractions in the neighborhood and advises them of the assistance the city is willing to provide. The city provides assistance that includes removing trash and debris to installing house numbers on each home.

In addition to these divisions, the Morristown Police Department also has a Crime Prevention Unit, Forensics Team, Recruiting Team, School Resource Officers, Training Department and a Victim/Witness Assistance Program.