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Milligan Students Head to Capitol Hill

Posted on Friday, March 14, 2014 at 9:28 am

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As the old saying goes, “change begins with you”. When Governor Haslam announced his new legislation entitled “The Tennessee Promise”, local Milligan College students felt the need to take action. Logan Foshie of Whitesburg, Louisa “Lucy” Gaudiano of Johnson City, and Ruth Aramburu of Kingsport met with Milligan’s President, Dr. Bill Greer, and hit the road for Capitol Hill. Throughout the day, they met with Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey, and 17 other representatives, senators, and congressional leaders and policy analysts. “The Governor’s legislation promotes an egalitarian society, where you have to punish one group of students in order to promote another”, Gaudiano stated. Aramburu added, “Governor Halsam is trying to champion for equal opportunities, but we are in the United States, we are all given equal opportunities, some of us just have to work harder than others. Take myself for example, I could not speak English seven years ago, but through hard work and dedication, I have the same opportunities to achieve the American dream.” Foshie believes that, “In the end, we all share the same goal of increasing the number of successful college students. However, we feel that by lowering standards, the Tennessee Promise actually promises to raise the tuition at four-year institutions, remove the choice in the college decision making process, and lower motivation levels in students, thereby lowering state testing scores and increasing college dropout rates. It’s our belief that the legislature should explore alternative options to this counterproductive plan that will be beneficial to every student.” “We were surprised at how open-minded and receptive most of the legislatures were. This is a testimony of how great it is to live in The Volunteer State,” Gaudiano closed.