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Meet the Hamblen County officials

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 10:25 am

County Mayor

The county’s executive official is Bill Brittain, who has served two years in office.

The Hamblen County Mayor oversees the day-to-day operations of Hamblen County government. His office is in the courthouse; the office phone number is 423-586-1931.

 The county mayor serves as a nonvoting, ex-officio member of each committee of the Hamblen County Commission. He also appoints members for the following boards: planning commission, which oversees zoning and subdivision regulations outside Morristown; building inspectors; the board of zoning appeals; and the emergency communications district. The finance department is located within his office.

 This office also sets the agendas for the County Commission and County Commission committee meetings on a monthly basis.

County Clerk

Linda Wilder is the Hamblen County Clerk. The county clerk is a constitutional county officer and is elected every four years. The duties of the clerk’s office are set forth by the legislature, including issuing marriage licenses, business licenses, hunting and fishing licenses and vehicle registrations.

The county clerk’s office receives fees for these transactions as set by state law. The clerk’s office also keeps the official records of the County Commission.

The clerk has offices in the courthouse and at College Square Mall. The courthouse office phone number is 423-586-1993, and the mall office phone number is 423-318-1536.

County Trustee

 Hamblen County Trustee John Baskette began his first term in 2010. He has an office in the courthouse, the phone number of which is 423-586-6290

 The trustee is the treasurer/banker of county government. The office also accepts county and city property tax payments. All the money the county receives flows through the trustee’s office.

The three main functions of the trustee’s office include property tax collection and miscellaneous revenue from other county offices, state, federal and other local governments; the recording of revenue collections and distribution of monies to appropriate departments; and the investment of county funds to generate interest income with idle cash.

Highway and Garbage Department

Barry Poole has been county road superintendent since 1996. Poole oversees the operations of the county highway and garbage department, located at 3373 Herbert Harville Drive. The phone number is 423-586-3273.

Election Administrator

Administrator of Elections Jeff Gardner was appointed to the position in 2009.

The election commission office is in the courthouse and the office phone number is 423-586-7169

The State Election Commission, upon the recommendation of a local state senator or representative and the local political parties, appoints election commissioners. The election commissioners, in turn, appoint the local administrator of elections.

The election commission office is responsible for filing and maintaining all voter registration records for Hamblen County and Morristown.

Emergency Management

The county mayor and theMorristowncity mayor appoint this position jointly, and the office is located in the courthouse.

The primary function of the emergency management office is to coordinate public safety efforts in the community.

The director, Chris Bell, serves as the point-person to coordinate the activities of local, state, mutual aid and federal agencies in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. His office phone number is 423-581-6225, and the emergency management 24 hour number is 423-585-2715.

Federal emergency management funds combine with city and county monies to operate the agency under a joint agreement.

Finance Director

Joey Barnard is the county finance director. The office is in the county mayor’s office at the courthouse. The finance department and director’s position was created by resolution of the County Commissionin 2001, when it passed the Finance Act.

 This private act centralized several duties on a countywide basis in the county mayor’s office.

 The finance department is responsible for the payroll, accounts payable and purchasing for Hamblen County government, excluding schools.

 The department is also responsible for compiling the annual budget for Hamblen County government and overseeing its administration.

Planning and Zoning

Danny Young became planning director of the Hamblen County Planning and Zoning office in 2005 and building commissioner in 2006. Jim Riley has been the building, stormwater, plumbing and mechanical inspector since 2007.

The planning office is in the courthouse and the telephone number is 423-581-1373.

This office oversees, provides and assists the public with subdivision regulations for proper subdividing of properties, zoning resolution and maps for permitted uses under designated zones, building permits, addressing of all county properties, updates of county maps and providing E-911 data on new streets.

The office is also the point of contact for the Hamblen County Planning Commission, which meets the first Monday of every month.


Purchasing Director Shareè Long was appointed to the office in 2004. The purchasing office is in the county mayor’s office at the courthouse.

The Purchasing Department acts as a centralized location for the procurement of items for Hamblen County government.

Register of Deeds

Hamblen County Register of Deeds Jim Clawson was elected to office in 1994. His office is on the third floor of the courthouse, and the office phone number is 423-586-6551.

The office of register of deeds records various types of legal instruments and transactions.

Among the most common are warranty deeds, trust deeds, releases, powers of attorney, charters, plats and military discharges. The office charges a fee for the recording of these instruments.

There are two taxes that the Tennessee Department of Revenue requires the register of deeds to collect — the Realty Transfer Tax, which is imposed on land transfers, and the Mortgage Tax, imposed on instruments evidencing an indebtedness. Documents on record date back to 1860.


Esco Jarnagin is in his third year of his second term as CountSheriff. His office is in the Hamblen County Justice Center at 510 Allison Street. The office phone number is 423-586-3781.

 The sheriff’s department and jail function to serve the law enforcement needs of Hamblen County and Morristown. The sheriff’s position is a 4-year term, elected by the citizens of Hamblen County.

Assessor of Property

The Hamblen County Assessor of Property is Keith Ely, who was elected in 2004. His office is on the third floor of the administrative wing of the County Courthouse at 511 West Second North St. The office phone number is 423-586-1852.

The office of the assessor of property is responsible for assessing and reappraisal of approximately 30,000 parcels of residential, commercial and industrial real estate, which have an appraised value of more than $3 billion.

 The office generates the assessment rolls each year for both Hamblen County and Morristown.

 The office is responsible for the appraisal of all real and personal property parcels and all property ownership transfers.

 The assessor’s mapping department maintains and updates more than 400 maps showing property lines, dimensions, acreage and other information.

 The assessor is also the point of contact for the board of equalization, which hears appraisal appeals from county residents or property owners as to the assessed value of land, buildings, etc. for tax purposes. The board is made up of five members appointed by the County Commission.

Chancery Court/Clerk and Master

Clerk and master Katherine Jones-Terry was appointed to her position in 1995 by the chancellor. Her office is in the Hamblen County Courthouse.

The office handles the case files for both the chancery and probate courts. Cases filed in these courts include estate distributions, divorces, custody matters, paternity cases, adoptions, real estate matters, contract disputes, worker’s compensation, partition suits, appeals from lower courts, conservatorships/guardianships and other civil and domestic relations matters.

Child support enforcement cases are filed in this office, and child support collections are handled here as well.

The Chancery Court/Clerk and Master office phone number is 423-586-9112.

Circuit Court

Doug Collins was elected Hamblen County General Sessions Judge at the beginning of August, and Judge Janice Snider serves a part time general sessions judge as well. The circuit court clerk is Teresa West.

 The court and office is located in theHamblenCountyJusticeCenter. General sessions court provides a variety of services to the county.

The work program supervisor is appointed by the general sessions judge and works closely with the sheriff’s department and jail to oversee the Hamblen County Work Release Program.

The circuit court clerk’s office provides services to the public, legal community and court system. The circuit court clerk serves as the clerk for both the criminal and civil court systems.

Tax Enforcement

 The tax enforcement office is located on the second floor in the courthouse. The primary function of this office is the enforcement and collection of delinquent county property taxes, business licenses and returned checks.

This office also enforces the regulations for county business licenses through original licensing, yearly renewals and final closures. Beer applications, yearly beer privilege tax, wholesale beer tax and vendor licenses are collected here as well.

The office phone number is 423-581-8712.

Veteran’s Services

The office of Veteran’s Services is open three days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the office phone number is 423-586-6830

The Veteran’s Service officer is Charles Rose, who was appointed in 2009. The primary function of the office is to assist HamblenCountyveterans and their families in obtaining benefits and services accrued through military service.

Juvenile Court

The juvenile court judge is Mindy Norton Seals and the court director is Cyndi Trent-Doty. The office is in the Hamblen County Justice Center. The juvenile court and temporary holding offices are responsible for the retention and court issues for delinquent juveniles.


Gary Templin is maintenance supervisor. His office is in the Hamblen County Maintenance Buildingat 510 W. Second North St.

The maintenance department performs all necessary functions for all the county’s buildings and grounds, including custodial functions. The supervisor and his team are responsible for the maintenance and custodial supplies for the courthouse, Justice Center, Health Department and jail.

Animal Control

Employees of the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society handle animal control inMorristown and HamblenCounty, with financial support from the city and the county. The animal shelter is located at300 Dice St. The telephone number is 423-581-1494.

Morristown-Hamblen Library

The Morristown-Hamblen Library is located at 417 W. Main St. Christina Mosley is the director of the library.

The library is jointly supported by Hamblen County and the city of Morristown. In addition to books, magazines, videotapes and DVDs for rental, the library holds numerous programs throughout the year. The children’s story times are especially popular. The telephone number is 423-586-6410.


 E-911 provides emergency dispatch service for all law enforcement and other emergency services in the county. A board appointed by both the City Council and the County Commission governs the agency.

Hamblen County Health Department

Sherrie Montgomery has acted as director of the county health department since 2007. The health department is located at331 W. Main St.and the phone number is 423-586-6431.

In addition to health services, the department offers nutrition and environmental information. Birth and death certificates may also be obtained from this department.

County Attorney

The county attorney is appointed by the Hamblen County Commission. Rusty Cantwell has been the county attorney for more than 20 years.

The county attorney provides legal advice and representation to the county commission and other county officials and departments as needed.