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Voter registration

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 10:52 am

Any new resident of Morristown and Hamblen County should go to the County Election Commission to change or apply for voter registration.

At that time, office staff will tell new residents in which district they live and in which precinct they will vote.

The Election Commission office is on the first floor of the Hamblen County Courthouse on 511 W. Second North Street.

Jeff Gardner is the administrator of elections for the county.

The county is divided into 14 districts and 17 voting precincts. Each district elects one person to serve on the County Commission, the legislative body of the county. Each commissioner is elected for a four-year term and all 14 are elected at the same time.

 The county mayor is the county’s executive official. His office is on the basement floor of the courthouse’s administrative wing.

 Districts are combined to choose seven school board members. Districts 1 and 2 unite for one seat; Districts 3 and 4 join to create another, and so forth.

School board members are elected on a staggered basis, not all at once.

The school board sets policy and budgets for the county’s school system and hires the director of schools, who oversees the schools’ day-to-day operation.

 For more information about voting in Morristown and Hamblen County, call 423-586-7169 or email the Administrator of Elections at