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Howmet tops Bucs 69-46 with help from Roberts’ 18

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 1:17 pm

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Howmet defeated the Bucs 69-46 in women’s Rec League action. Howmet was led by Bridget Roberts’ 18, Kara Caldwell’s 16, and Elexis Smith’s 15 in the victory. Brittany Furgess’ game high 19 points and Jessie Owen’s 18 led the Bucs in the defeat.

 The D’Wolves topped B-Team 31-18. Brooke Long’s 10 points led the D’Wolves, while Cathi Armstrong’s game high 12 points led B-Team in the loss.

 Stinson’s Stars took down the Lookouts 52-16. Bridget Graves’ game high 18 points led Stinson’s Stars, while Heather Long led the Lookouts with seven points in the loss.


 G-Gun topped the Toon Squad 75-63. Damon Sheets’ game high 19 points and Daniel Williams’ 17 led G-Gun, while Greg Bruce’s 18 and Josh Henrichs’ 15 led the Toon Squad in the defeat.

 The Usual Suspects took down Slow Motion 81-71. Anthony Span’s game high 31 points and Darius Ewing’s 16 led the Usual Suspects, while Brian Odell’s 29 points led Slow Motion in the loss.

 College Park Pharmacy defeated Parkway Auto 109-65. Bronson Parker’s game high 45 points, Rob Huntsman’s 23, Dag Berquist’s 18, and Chris Edwards’ 15 led College Park Pharmacy in the win. Chris Henderson’s 25 points and Ben Rednour’s 15 led Parkway Auto.

 Shake and Bake fell to the Ambassadors 50-32. Nathan Reed’s game high 19 points led the Ambassadors, while Jake Bannow’s and Joe Fugate’s nine points each led Shake and Bake.

 The Goon Squad topped Three Point Play 76-40. Tim Johnson’s 20 points, Anthony Webber’s 17, and Stacy Smith’s 16 led the Goon Squad. Jason Vosburgh’s game high 22 points led Three Point Play in the defeat.

The Bulldogs took down Rogers Petroleum 82-62. Darrel Hodge’s 19 points, Robert Salvallagio’s 16, and Eric Harrison’s 15 led the Bulldogs, while Cory Harrison’s game high 22 points and Michael Cobble’s 18 led Rogers Petroleum in the loss.

The Rockets squeaked by Team Honda 60-59. Caleb Arnold’s 21 points and Justin Cain’s 19 led the Rockets, while Justin Black’s game high 25 points led Team Honda in the defeat.

T&A fell to Los Magicos 40-39. Gonzalo Figueroa’s game high 12 points led Los Magicos, while Curtis Eddington’s and Brandon Brown’s 10 point each led T&A in the loss.

 By-Lo Markets took down the Old Dawgs 84-50. Tyler Ayers’ and Mark Russell’s 19 points each, along with Trevor Mason’s 18 led By-Lo Markets. Dan McKeon’s game high 20 points led the Old Dawgs in the defeat.

 PRBC squeaked by the Bushwackers 54-53. Billy Couch’s game high 22 points and Phillip Couch’s 16 led PRBC in the victory, while Jake Greene’s 13 points led the Bushwackers.

 The Underdogs fell to the Pain Train 60-55. Garrett Rinse’ game high 19 points and Joe Bell’s 16 led the Pain Train, while Jessee Cook’s and Corey Myers’ 15 points each led the Underdogs in the loss.

 The Squad took down the Mahle Tarheels 64-49. Matthew Rice’s game high 28 points and Rodney Rice’s 15 led the Squad, while Roy Martin’s 14 points led the Mahle Tarheels in the defeat.

 Duck Dynasty defeated the Phenoms 57-49. Jeremiah Dick’s 15 points led Duck Dynasty, while Brent Charles’ game high 16 points led the Phenoms in the loss.

 H&R Block topped TVA Employees Credit Union 59-42. Trey Lovelace’s game high 22 points led H&R Block, while TVA Employees Credit Union was led by Nathan Coffman’s 18 points in the defeat.

 The Celtics took down Gold Team Collision 47-35. Thomas Lindsey’s game high 16 points led the Celtics, while Dale Wolfe’s 14 led Gold Team Collision in the loss.

 All information comes from scoresheets provided by the Morristown Parks and Recreation Department.