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Hamblen County Schools Administrative Support Staff

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 10:15 am

Parents are encouraged to consult their children’s teachers and school staff regarding any concerns they have; however, if larger needs surface, contact the Hamblen County Department of Education’s administrative support staff.

These school leaders are organized to assist the schools through various departments.

Hamblen County School’s Central Office is located at 210 E. Morris Blvd. in Morristown.

Dale Lynch, Ed.D., is the director of schools. He can be reached at 423-581-3101 or

Hugh Clement is assistant director in charge of administration, athletic facilities and crisis management. His telephone number is 423-581-3118 and his email is

Dr. Brenda Dean is assistant director of curriculum and instruction. Contact her at 423-581-3118 or

Other supervisors are:

• Kim Fox, federal programs, 423-586-7700 or

• Rodney Long, transportation, 423-586-2103 or

• Dr. Anne Nelson, special services, 423-581-3067 or

• Traci Antrican, business, 423-581-3174 or

• Jennifer Buchanan, school nutrition, 423-586-7700 or

• Jeff Seay, maintenance, 423-587-4800 or

• Harold Jones, technology, 423-581-3144 or

• Mike Watson, career and technical education, 423-581-3084 or mwatson@

Support services personnel include:

• Teresa Ayers, school-community relations, 423-585-3825 or tayers@hcboe. net.

• Juan Cervantes, ELL/migrant parent liaison, 423-586-7700 or

• Autumn Jennings, International Center, 423-585-2194 or Ajennings@hcboe. net.

• Anna James, Adult Education, 423-581-5812 or

• Carol Grace Moorhouse, Extended School Program, 423-586-7700

• Scott Bolton, personnel, 423-585-3711

• Teresa Templin, pod-casting, 423-586-7700 or

To contact any employee of Hamblen County Schools by email, type in the first initial and last name as in the following example:

For a closer look at all aspects of the school system, including the annual Hamblen County Schools Report Card, visit the system’s website at