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Life in a Cat house

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Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House

Why do people adopt cats? It’s always interesting to ask that question because of the variety of answers.

One of the most common ways someone gets a cat is when the cat chooses the person.

I have heard countless stories about cats that showed up on a porch or doorstep and never left.

Usually, the people of the house feed the cat a few times and the cat responds by moving in. That’s the way many people who had never had a cat or thought they wanted a cat ended up living with one.

Of course, some folks go out to find a cat at an animal shelter. Not always, but most of the time, they have a child who wants a cat and what they adopt is a fuzzy kitten.

Other people know someone who has not had their cats “fixed” and find themselves with kittens to give away.
At our house, we have cats simply because we like them and can’t imagine living without them. I suppose everyone who is a long-time cat person thinks that way.

Many years ago, when we first moved to where we live now, three cats came with the house. We already had one we had moved with us.

One of those we inherited was a half grown, solid black girl kitty we named Sunshine. Of the four cats, she was the smallest and nicest to get along with. We were told she had already been spayed but we found out she hadn’t.

One day I was in the basement looking for something when I heard a sort of rattle on a shelf. The sound was coming from a cardboard box and when I looked in it, there was Sunshine and four kittens. Two of the kittens were solid black just like their mother.

With four cats already around the house, we needed to find homes for the kittens once they were old enough.

My wife, Vivian, placed a classified ad in the paper offering to give them away. I can’t recall now if she indicated the colors of the kittens or not. She probably didn’t, because a phone call we got was from a woman who asked if any of the kittens were black. If one was, she wanted it.

Vivian told her two of them were black with no white on them anywhere. The woman got rather excited at that information and said she would take both of them. Vivian said she would have to check out the woman’s home first.

She was not about to send kittens off to a place or people who were not deserving. She got the woman’s address and made an appointment to see her.

When Vivian arrived, she found the house was perfectly acceptable and so was the woman who had called.

They had a nice chat and Vivian said she would deliver the kittens the next day. Then Vivian asked the question we’d been wondering about. Why did the woman insist the cats had to be black?

The explanation was the woman’s mother-in-law was superstitious and would seldom come around if there was a black cat in the house.

“With two of them, she’ll never come here,” the woman said.