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Life in a Cat house

Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House

It appears our young Amelia Jane kitty is afraid of storms.

Last Wednesday morning I woke up at 2:45 in the morning to the sound of rolling thunder. Lightning was flashing and soon there was the sound of rain on the roof. When time to get up rolled around the rain had let up but was still coming in short bursts. The thunder moved on with the rain.

Amelia Jane was nowhere to be found. She is always running wild early in the morning, so that was unusual. We searched but couldn’t locate her. After a while, maybe an hour or so, she finally showed up, but was acting subdued. She was not her usual rollicking self.

She wandered around a little, then more thunder began and she disappeared again. We have no idea where she went but think she had a hideout upstairs. When that storm passed, she appeared again, but it was still raining and she was acting restless.

I went into the bathroom and opened a cupboard door. The cupboards extend from the floor too nearly seven feet high. Amelia Jane slipped into the open one at the lowest level and hid out behind some boxes. At that point I began to worry she was sick and the storms were just a coincidence. Finding tight, out-of-the-way places to hide is what cats do when they don’t feel well.

After about 45 minutes, I was sitting in the living room worrying about her when she came around and began to pester me like usual. She jumped up on the back of the couch to look out the window, as if she was trying to figure out exactly what was happening out there. The rain had stopped and the sky was beginning to lighten, so she was beginning to relax. Then it started to get dark and rainy looking again and she got twitchy.

I was putting on my clothes to head to town when she dashed in and went under the bed. Just about that time, more rain started to fall and she was not liking it one bit.

Amelia Jane was born early last spring. Thinking back, I realized she had never seen or heard a thunderstorm before and not much in the way of rain.

We’ve been in a drought most of her short life, so what happened Wednesday was a new experience for her.

Maybe she will adjust if we ever have another storm, or maybe she will always fear them. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Our old cat, Ozrow, took the storm in stride.

He wanted to go outside, even as thunder boomed and rain pounded down. He hates rain but he never seems to associate it with storm sounds. He has to stick his nose out the door and actually see rain falling before he will believe it.

Every two minutes or so he wants to check again in case the rain has stopped, although the house may be shaking from thunder.

As usual, he finally admitted defeat and went to curl up on the bed and sleep the day away.

That is the way he copes with bad weather of all kinds once he understands it isn’t going away.

Two cats but two different attitudes, which is more or less normal for cats.