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Life in a Cat house

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Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House

Our cats are usually happy and healthy. That’s why it was unusual when Ozrow got sick a few days ago.

Vivian noticed it first thing in the morning. Ozrow always gets up to eat and have a drink of water, then he wants to get out the door. That morning he went out, but did not eat or drink. He was also moving slow and obviously was not feeling well.

Throughout the day he spent most of his time in the house, lying on the floor and looking miserable. Vivian got worried about his not drinking because he normally drinks often.

In the afternoon she opened a can of tuna and drained off the juice for him. She also placed the can nearby in case he wanted to eat.

He did drink all the juice and ate a couple of bites of the tuna but that was all he wanted. Vivian’s main goal was to get some fluid in him and the juice accomplished that.

That night he went and got a drink before he went to sleep. That was a good sign he was getting better. The following morning he ate some of his regular cat food and got a drink before he went outside.

He wasn’t up to his usual bouncy self but we could tell he was feeling better. That night he ate some of his favorite food, watermelon. By the next day he was back to normal.

Whatever was wrong with him, it didn’t bother our other cat, Skittles. She was around him as much as usual but never showed any signs of catching whatever he had.

We suspect his illness was the result of something he ate outside. He likes to have a bit of salad occasionally, usually grass.

He will graze like a goat for a few minutes until he gets his fill. He might have run across a plant that contained some sort of poison. Another possibility is he ate a bug that was poisonous to cats.

He does catch and eat bugs and is not a cautious eater of them. If he can catch one he’ll eat it.

It’s always worrisome when a cat falls ill, especially when it is as rare as it is around our house. It was good to see Ozrow back to being his usual aggravating self, running in and out of the house umpteen times a day.

Just how well he recovered became evident on about the third day. Vivian was rummaging in the fridge when she ran across the can of uneaten tuna. She decided there was no sense in letting it go to waste, so she placed it on the floor for Ozrow. It was sort of a reward for recovering. Little did she know she was about to create a tuna wanting monster.

He gobbled it all up and wanted more immediately. When it wasn’t forthcoming, he got demanding. And he stayed that way for days. Every time we turned around in the kitchen he was underfoot, begging for tuna. He just wouldn’t give up and accept no more was coming.

We are happy he got well fairly quickly. We are not all that happy he now thinks he should live by tuna alone.