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Life in a Cat house

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Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House

At various times through the years, the number of cats at our house has been as many as seven or eight and as few as two. This is the first time I can remember having only one.
Our remaining cat, Ozrow, has been at loose ends the past few days.
When Skittles was sick and not up and moving much, he didn’t show any concern. He always knew where she was. It was only after she was gone that he began to look for her and was puzzled when she couldn’t be found. He kept looking around like he expected her to show up any minute.
With Skittles gone, he isn’t sure how to act or what to do. They were never super close, but Skittles was older than Ozrow, so, except for his first few weeks, she has been around his entire life. They did chase each other through the house on occasion, and played together a bit at times. Overall, they didn’t bond as much as they co-existed.
He didn’t seem to take much notice when we lost Spanky, Foo Foo and Ophelia. That was probably because there was always at least one other cat around. Now that he is the only one, he is not sure how to act.
For the first few days after Skittles died, he kept looking for her. When he couldn’t find her, he began to spend more time staying close to my wife, Vivian. He trailed her around like he was afraid she might disappear, too. He still went outside, but when he was indoors she couldn’t make a move without him rubbing against her leg or walking behind her. When she went upstairs to take care of some paperwork, he was right on top of the papers and wouldn’t budge. In the kitchen he was directly under her feet.
The past couple of days he seems to have accepted he is the lone cat in the house and has sort of returned to normal. He has stopped looking for Skittles and understands she isn’t coming back.
Actually, he appears to be enjoying being the center of attention. He still clings to Vivian but not as much as he did the first few days without Skittles.
One thing that has not changed is he still looks upon me as not much more than a block of wood around the house. I thought perhaps he would notice me more, but that is not the way it’s been. He only acknowledges my presence when he wants something and Vivian is not around to cater to his whims.
I can’t say he is lonesome, since he mostly did his own thing even when we had three or four cats. I think the loss of Skittles mainly represents a change that he wasn’t expecting and he doesn’t take to change very well. He always wants his kitty life to continue just the way it’s been.
Ozrow has been a happy cat all his life and he continues to be that way. He still goes around with his tail stuck up in the air and walks with a strut in his step. He still drives us crazy with his constant running in and out of the house.
Things have changed since we lost Skittles, but for Ozrow, after he got over wondering where she went, life pretty much goes on as usual.