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Life in a Cat house

Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House

At times I sort of feel sorry for our old Ozrow cat. He spends his days relaxing outside but occasionally wants to get in the house for a snack and a drink. He strolls through the doorway, takes three or four steps, and gets broadsided by a zooming gray streak called Amelia Jane.

She is only about half his size, if that, but when she is running all out she can pack a wallop when she connects. When she hits Ozrow it’s a crash almost as wild as an overweight grizzly bear running head on into a big mule.

Most of the time Ozrow just goes on and ignores her, but she is relentless. He may stop to wrestle a big, which always ends up with Amelia Jane getting soundly defeated, but that does not bother her a bit. She bounds back on her feet and is after Ozrow again.

There was a time, not long ago, when he could find some peace by parking himself on a chair. Those days are gone now, since Amelia Jane can jump onto a chair as easily as Ozrow can. She’ll pursue him all over the house when she is in the mood to be a nuisance, which is most of the time.

Ozrow only gets some relief under two sets of circumstances, One is when he it outdoors, where Amelia Jane fears to tread. The other is when she decides it is more fun to harass people than it is another cat. When her focus is humans, she can be just as persistent as she is with Ozrow. My wife, Vivian, and I have lost track of how many times the kitten has almost tripped us as she pursues her passion for using people feet as playthings. She likes to make leaps into laps and down again, too.

We’ve never had a kitten as wild as Amelia Jane. She is fun and funny, although she can get to be a mite too much at times.

That is especially true for Ozrow. He should be enjoying his retirement years instead of constantly trying to ward off a pest.

He is basically a gentle cat, so he doesn’t want to hurt her. What he really wants is for her to just go away.

Amelia Jane is growing up, at least physically, but inside she is still very much a kitten with no manners or desire to learn how to conduct herself with others.

When she feels like playing she believes everyone else, person or cat, should want to play with her.

When she is taking a nap she can look totally sweet, peaceful and innocent.

But we have learned all she is doing is recharging for another round of wildness.

She wakes up and immediately starts searching for something to get into or someone to pester.

If Ozrow happens to be in the house when she awakens, he is her obvious target. If he isn’t, people will do just fine.

We think she will eventually grow out of her desire to constantly be on the move.

We don’t have any idea when that will happen, though. So far she has not slacked off a bit, much to Ozrow’s irritation.

When the kitten is awake, the old cat would much other be outside.