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Life in a Cat house

Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House

Our Amelia Jane kitty is about 10 months old now and pretty much grown. She was skinny during the summer and early autumn but now she is filling out and may turn pudgy before long.

She can be an adorable cat at times. Other times, she makes it obvious she has not fully outgrown her kitten ways. When the urge strikes her, which is often, she can turn into a total nuisance.

That happened last Wednesday morning when she was trying to carry full blown nuisance mode to a whole new level.

First, I was trying to check emails and she was determined to stick her nose in my coffee cup. She has recently discovered the fascination of things on the computer monitor and that drew her attention after I had to shoo her out of the coffee about 11 times.

She is not content to sit back and look at the computer screen. She has to get right up to it, where she can fully block my view. Any twitch of movement on the monitor has her trying to catch it. To get in position to do that, the best place for her to get is standing on my keyboard. She has figured out that if she jumps around a bit she can make the images she sees move and that delights her.

After I put her down on the floor about nine times, she transferred her attention to my feet. She has always had a thing for people feet but that morning she went to extremes. After I shut down the computer, she wanted to ride my feet with every step. That was kind of cute and fun when she was tiny, but now she is heavy. No matter what I did, she would not leave my feet alone. She would get right in front of them when I tried to walk around. When I was standing still, like pouring a cup of coffee, she was on top of my feet waiting for some movement.

I sat in my recliner and she wanted to jump up and wrap her paws around a foot. She got a free ride as I tried to shake her off and she thought that was a super fun game. It became impossible to do anything that morning because of the silly cat.

It is not unusual for her to try to grab feet for a few minutes but that was the first time she kept it up for hours. I thought she would get tired and go take a nap, but that was not to be. She appeared to have enough energy to go on attacking my feet all day.

What was odd, when I got home that day my wife Vivian was in the kitchen. When I heard her say “get out from under my feet,” I naturally thought she was talking to Amelia Jane. Instead, it was our old Ozrow cat that was in her way. That is unusual for him unless he sniffs tuna or salmon. Could it be the young cat is teaching the old cat how to be a proper nuisance?

It may have been the change in the weather that got the cats stirred up. The next morning, Thursday, Amelia Jane more or less ignored me except when I was checking email again. She wanted to catch the movement when I scrolled down the email list, but other than that she didn’t do much all morning.

All cats are wishy-washy at times and I guess I should expect her to change from day to day.