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Dr. Amanda Porter clinched the Reserve Champion Cowgirl slot

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 7:38 am

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Charlie Little of St. Michael, Minn., along with his traveling companion Roy Bean from Eagle, Idaho, dazzled at the Stephenville Trailers Central United States Championship in Guthrie, Okla. Their outstanding performance netted Charlie the High Overall and Champion Cowboy titles, while Roy took a fix on the Reserve Champion Cowboy honors with a second overall finish. Both of these young men demonstrated superb horsemanship, excellent course management and precise shooting. Curt Moore of Decatur, Texas, finished third overall with another extraordinary performance.

2012 Reserve World Champion Cowgirl Jesse Kuka came from Maple Plain, Minn., and once again showed her expertise and skill with a six-gun atop of a galloping horse. She captured the Champion Cowgirl laurels with a fourth-place overall finish. Morrison, Tenn.’s Dr. Amanda Porter clinched the Reserve Champion Cowgirl slot, proving that consistency pays.

The Starline Showcase provided another CMSA™ Friday night of spectacular mounted shooting competition. Columbia, Tenn.’s Cody Clark’s near-record run took the Men’s Open Eliminator. Jesse Kuka enriched her event winnings by taking the Lady’s Open. Daniel Kelly hustled to a substantial win in the Men’s Limited Eliminator, while Columbia, Mo.-based Maria Lasley laid claim to the Women’s Limited Eliminator Title.

The Rifle and Shotgun competitions provided an exciting variation in the Showcase mounted shooting. John Clark of Morrison, Tenn., bested second-place Zane Chunn of Ft. Smith, Ark., by less than eight one-hundredths of a second to eke out the win in the Rifle Class. Marcus Wadley of Springtown, Texas, took the win in the Shotgun Class.

The AQHA and APHA breed classes underscored the importance of the equine half of a Cowboy Mounted Shooting™ team. Charlie Little piloting “Tazs Little Freckles” took the AQHA Open Class. The AQHA Select Amateur was won by “Te Jay Caleb” ridden by Nancy Crosby from Morrison, Tenn. The AQHA Amateur Division winner “The Genuine Blond” as chauffeured by Weatherford, Texas-based Kelsi Ford. Collin Esau from Claremore, Okla., rode “Crame Plated Doll” for the AQHA Youth Division win. The newly established American Paint Horse Association Classes are blending into Cowboy Mounted Shooting™ with a bang. The APHA Cowboy Amateur Class went to Maria Lasley riding “MR Poppy Choice”. The APHA Amateur Master Class was won by “Moondancer’s Honey Back” ridden by Thomas Porter of Greenbrier, Ark. The popular APHA Youth Cowboy went to “Dude Markers Storm” piloted by Sanger, Texas’s Shelby DeGeare.


Class Name Time Penalty Total Time
L1 Lauren Finch 116.375 10 126.375
L2 Kristine Mcginley 122.144 0 122.144
L3 Trisha Mcdaniel 96.30 15 101.301
L4 Crystal Johnson 97.885 0 97.885
L5 Tammy Esau 96.732 0 96.732
L6 Jessie Kuka 93.604 0 93.604
M1 Robby Moudy 125.084 5 130.084
M2 Morgan Ivey 103.706 0 103.706
M3 Daniel Kelley 97.228 5 102.228
M4 Marty Hagedon 96.248 5 101.248
M5 Roy Bean 91.179 0 91.179
M6 Charlie Little 90.261 0 90.261
SL1 Helen Price 155.335 20 175.335
SL2 Tracy Gooch 118.081 0 118.081
SL3 Andree Langlois 123.250 0 123.250
SL4 Sharon Hagedon 108.347 10 118.347
SL5 Diana Olson 107.836 0 107.836
SL6 Joyce Nelson 102.561 15 117.561
SM1 David Peters 124.856 0 124.856
SM2 Gage Adams 115.755 0 115.755
SM3 Jesse Miller 105.247 5 110.247
SM4 Chuck Martino 102.557 0 102.557
SM5 Chuck Chunn 95.717 5 100.717
SM6 Jim Rodgers 100.019 5 105.019
WRL Will Miller 116.610 0 116.610
WRO Abby Esau 101.863 0 101.863

The Cowboy Mounted Shooting TM Association (CMSA) is one of the fastest growing equestrian sports organizations in the nation. Mounted contestants compete in this fast-action timed event using two .45 caliber single-action revolvers each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared blank ammunition. The family-friendly CMSA offers multiple levels of competition for men, women and children, from the novice to the seasoned professional.

Organized in 1994, the CMSA now boasts over 102 local clubs in four nations, representing over 12,000 members. It sanctions over 500 events a year, including seven events at its highest level, the Championship Series, and pays out over $700,000 in prize money annually.

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