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Crush tops Skywalkers in girls’ Rec League hoops action

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 1:47 pm

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The Crush squeaked by the Skywalkers 19-18 in girls’ Rec League action. Brittany Shaw led the Crush with a game high 10 points, while Mariah Johns led the Skywalkers with six in the loss.

 The Comets topped the Angels 29-25. The Comets were led by Chesney Dunlap’s game high eight points, while Lacey Olds led the Angels with six in the loss.

 The Lady Swish fell to the Trotters 30-19. Madison Bowden led the Trotters attack with a game high 11 points and was helped by Keeley Yarbourgh’s 10, while Kennedy Caughhorn led the Lady Whish with 10 in the loss.

 The luck ran out for the Lady Irish as they fell to the Buckeyes 23-17. Azhia Rucker led the Buckeyes with a game high 13 points, while the Lady Irish were led by Alyssa Marker’s five in the loss.

 The Lady Flames took down the Lady Lakers 16-6. Malley Bullington led the Lady Flames with six points, while Jayden Watson also led the Lady Lakers with six in the loss.

 The Lady Wildcats fell to the Hotshots in a defensive struggle 6-3. Madison Smerdel, Maggie Seals, and Lydia Fishman each led the Hotshots with two points a piece. Kelsey Kenley led the Lady Wildcats with two in the loss.

 The Lady Bulldogs took care of the Lady Vols 15-4. Emma Pillion led the Lady Bulldogs with a game high nine points, while Kathryn Hall and Asyana Osborne led the Lady Vols with two points each.

 The Stars soared over the Lady Tarheels 28-16. Rachel Atkins and Nicole Burnett led the Stars with six points each, while Tiffany Dover and Khayla Bryson led the Lady Tarheels with five points each.

 The Sparks fell to the Dazzlers 41-28. The Dazzlers were led by Katie Deering’s game high 19 points and Candace McClanahan’s 11, while Amanda Turley’s 17 points led all Sparks players in the loss.

 The Lady Vols topped the Hotshots 10-2 behind Kathryn Hall’s game high six points. The Hotshots were led by Maggie Seals’ two points in the loss.

 The Flames torched the Lady Wildcats 11-6. Ella Moore led the Flames with a game high seven points, while Kelsey Kenley led the Lady Wildcats with six in the loss.

 The Lady Bulldogs blanked the Lady Lakers 20-0. Emma Pillion scored a game high 16 points in the win, leading the Lady Bulldogs.

 The Knights defeated the Lady Lightning 2-0 by forfeit.


 The Suns defeated the Blazers 20-4. Zachary Christensen led the Suns with a game high 12 points, while Dylan Brooks and Aaron Huffman led the Blazers each with two points.

 The Wizards used their magic to take down the Mavericks 23-12. Griffin Andrews led the Wizards with a game high nine points, while Dominick Lane, Noah Woodard, and Brady Curnett led the Mavericks with four points each.

 The Wolfpack defeated the Predators in a defensive struggle 7-6. Spencer Justice led the Wolfpack with a game high five points, while Brady Gray, Matthew Collins, and Cayden Goble led the Predators with two points each.

 The Jayhawks topped the Tar Heels 42-28. Jermaine Williams led the Jayhawks with 16 points, while Randalll Reed led the Tar Heels with nine in the loss.

 The Bucks fell to the Thunder 61-43. Skyler Gunter led the Thunder with a game high 27 points and was helped by Damian Hazeltine’s 17 in the win. Corey Kinsler scored a team high 14 points for the Bucks.

 The Kings took down the Clippers 38-15. Gage Whitaker led the Kings with a game high 12 points, while Brandon Sawyer led the Clippers with six in the loss.

 The Express topped the Clippers 43-16. The Express were led by Sean Profitt’s game high 15 points and Dylan Fryman’s 12 in the victory, while Chase Vaughn led the Clippers with five.

 The Trailblazers squeaked by the Tarheels 36-34. Aaron Trent and Wesley Russell led the Trailblazers with eight points each, while Randall Reed led the Tarheels with a game high 11 in the loss.

 The Jayhawks fell to the Thunder 51-40. The Thunder recorded three players in double digits. Skyler Gunter scored a game high 16 points, Damian Hazeltine and Andrew Honeycutt each recorded 14 in the win. Jake Dent’s 14 points and Russell Witt’s 12 led the Jayhawks.

 The Kings took down the Bucks 40-20. Gage Whitaker led the Kings with a game high 17 points, while Bradley Mosier and Allan Russell led the Bucks with five each.

 The Hurricanes topped the Rockets 32-19. David Ellison led the Hurricanes with 12 points, while Jacob Depew led the Rockets with a game high 13 points.

 With the help of three players in double figures, the Celtics defeated the Hawks 43-35. Corbin Yount’s game high 18 points, Kaylen Hunt’s 13, and Ty Brogan’s 12 led the Celtics, while Nickolas Depew led the Hawks with 14.

 The Senators fell to the Lakers 31-16. Skyler Phillips led the Lakers with a game high 14 points, while Zayne Mitchell led the Senators with six in the loss.

 The Bullets topped the Pistons 42-32. Skylar Green led the Bullets with a game high 13 points and was helped by Greg Rucker’s 12, while Mark Lindsey and Dale Wilson led the Pistons with nine points each.

 The Cavs doubled up on the Magic 12-6. Carson Shockley led the Cavs with six points, while Blake Lovell led the Magic with four in the loss.

 The Rocks squeaked by the Yellowjackets 52-50. Will Laws led The Rocks with 17 points, while Dominique Jenkins’ game high 20 points and Aaron Foster’s 16 led the Yellowjackets.

 The Grizzlies topped the Spartans 60-55. Trevor Blevins AND Branson Wilson led the Grizzlies with each scoring a game high 21 points and both were helped by Chris Helton’s 16 in the win. Jeremy Kyle’s 19 points and Chad Wilson’s 18 led the Spartans in the loss.

 The Hoosiers squeaked by the Sonics 48-47. The Hoosiers were led by Dylan Coffey’s 16 points, Charlie Reed’s 12, and Tyler Marcum’s 11 in the win. Dylan Young scored a game high 18 points to lead the Sonics and was helped by Tyler Brooks’ 10.

 The Heat topped the Knicks 61-42. A.J. Newman led the Heat with a game high 26 points and was helped by Trevor Williams’ 17 in the win. Seth English led the Knicks with 18 points and Kenny Shelton added 10 in the loss.

 The Pacers took down the Globe Trotters 18-10. Kyle Cloninger led the Pacers with a game high 10 points, while Brendon Mattis led the Globetrotters with six in the loss.

 The Raptors clawed the Vols 18-8. Elliot Collins led the Raptors with a game high 10 points, while Dylan Nufrio led the Vols with four in the loss.

 The Cobras sunk their fangs into the Blue Devils and came out on top 14-10. Logan Daniels led the Cobras with six points, while Connor Muncy also led the Blue Devils with six in the loss.

 The Razorbacks defeated the Barons 2-0 by forfeit.


 The Squad took down the Bushwackers 54-40. Rodney Rice led The Squad with a game high 16 points, while Jake Greene led the Bushwackers with 12 in the loss.

 The Pain Train topped the Mahle Tarheels 55-31. Jacob Samsel and Joe Bell led The Pain Train with 16 points each, while Roy Martin led the Mahle Tarheels with a game high 20 points in the loss.

 The Underdogs fell to PRBC 56-51. Josh Boling’s game high 23 points led PRBC and was helped by Billy Couch’s 18 in the win. Jessee Cook’s 21 points led the Underdogs and Corey Myers added 17 in the loss.

 The Running Rebels squeaked by Gits and Shiggles 85-84. Pat Mattis led the Running Rebels with 35 points and was helped by Derek Marshall’s 26 in the win. Aaron Miller’s game high 47 points led Gits and Shiggles and Lee Williams added 17 in the loss.

 Harris Rentals topped TPM 82-77. Harris Rentals was led by Michael Blanton’s game high 30 points, Mike Harris Sr.’s 28, and Michael Buchanan’s 15 in the win. Adam Ricker’s team high 21 points, along with Justin Trent and Ryan Potter’s 18 points each, led TPM.

 Team Jordan took down Synchronized Logistics 47-33. Corey Myers led Team Jordan with 15 points in the win.

 Alcoa Howmet fell to D.T. 64-37. D.T. was led by Jake Smith Peters’ game high 21 points, Shane Murphy’s 17, and Andrew Maxey’s 10 in the win. Dustin Lawson led Alcoa Howmet with 10 in the loss.

 Chaos topped KTN 60-57. Chaos was led by Chris Vaughn’s game high 32 points and Joe Ho’s 18 in the win. Caleb McBride and Jeremy Stump led KTN with each recording 21 points in the loss.

 International Paper took down Trelleborg 46-29. International Paper was led by Andrew Winstead’s 15 points and David Self’s 11 in the win. Brandon Dunn led Trelleborg with a game high 16 points in the loss.

 The Celtics squeaked by Gold Team Collision 46-45. Zach White led the Celtics with a game high 19 points, while Toby Smith led Gold Team Collision with 15 in the loss.

 The Phenoms defeated Duck Dynasty 50-39. Shawn Steele led the Phenoms with a game high 21 points and was helped by Brian Hoke’s 17 in the win. Jeremiah Dick led Duck Dynasty with 18 points in the loss.

 TVA Credit Union fell to H&R Block 51-37. Eric Bell led H&R Block with 14 points, while Alex Conway led TVA Credit Union with a game high 18 points in the loss.

 The Goon Squad defeated the Ambassadors 86-66. The Goon Squad was led by Stacy Smith’s game high 39 points and Tim Johnson’s 15 in the win. The Ambassadors were led by Jordan Graves’ 19 points, Ian Roach’s 16, and Nathan Reed’s 15 in the loss.

 The Bulldogs topped Shake and Bake 62-47. Robert Salvalaggio’s game high 25 points and Darryl Hodge’s 21 points led the Bulldogs in the victory, while Jake Bannow’s 23 led Shake and Bake.

 Rogers Petroleum fell to Three Point Play 85-68. Corey Ottinger’s game high 39 points and Jason Vosburge’s 20 points led Three Point Play, while Michael Cobble’s 18, and Cory Harrison’s 17 led Rogers Petroleum in the loss.

 The Fly Boys took down T&A 34-25 in a defensive struggle. Josh Smith led the Fly Boys with a game high 16 points, while Roy Miller led T&A with eight points in the loss.

 Los Magicos topped the Old Dawgs 44-29. Matthew Rippetoe’s game high 16 points led Los Magicos, while Aubrey Beeler;s 11 led the Old Dawgs in the loss.

 Team Honda defeated Los Manis 79-65. Team Honda was led by Justin Cain’s game high 20 points, Caleb Arnold’s 18, and Cameron Cornett’s 17. Jesus Magana’s 18 points and Martin Flores’ 16 led Los Manis in the loss.

 All stats and scores were taken from score sheets provided by the Morristown Parks and Recreation Department.