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Clippers defeat Magic in Rec Hoops, 38-36

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 12:47 pm

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 The Clippers defeated the Bucks 38-36 in Rec League action. Donovan Long edged the Clippers to the win with his 13 points, while Kacey Kinsler recorded 13 points for the Bucks as well.

 The Thunder proved too much for the Tar Heels, beating them 59-39. Brayden Harris and Skylar Gunter each tallied 16 points and Andrew Honeycutt recorded 15 in the victory for the Thunder. Corbin Saylor led the Tar Heels with 15 points.

 The Kings topped the Trail Blazers 41-30, behind Dawson Stanton and Gage Whitaker’s nine points. Wesley Russell led all shooters with 18 points for the Trail Blazers.

 The Bulls clipped the Lakers 23-8. Zach Hubbard led the Bulls with nine points, while Cooper Riehl, Dillen Kimmell, Kevin Caldwell, and Skyler Phillips each recorded two points for the Lakers in the loss.

 Skylar Green’s 11 points, along with Aaron Hill and Hunter Faulks’ six points each led the Bullets over the Rockets 27-23. Jacob Depew led the Rockets with seven points and Jackson Cole tallied six in the loss for the Rockets.

 The Celtics, behind Corbin Yount’s 14 points and Kaelan Hunt’s 11 points, topped the Senators 38-25. Caleb Mackey scored eight points, and Brandon Hopkins tallied six in the loss for the Senators.

 The Hawks edged the Pistons in a close one, 25-23. Randal Morgan led the Hawks with 10 points, while Mark Lindsey led the Pistons with a game high 13 points in the loss.


 H&R Block defeated the Celtics 56-48. Timmy Blakely scored 24, and Trey Lovelace recorded 18 in the win for H&R Block. Aaron Foust led all Celtics shooters with 16 points.

 Brian Hake’s 13 points helped the Phenoms clip Gold Team Collision 43-41. Dale Wolfe led Gold Team Collision with 13 points in the losing effort.

 Jeremiah Dick led all shooters with 16 points, and led Duck Dynasty to victory over TVA Employees Credit Union 50-30. Caleb Winstead led TVA Employees Credit Union with seven points.

 Team Honda had two scorers in double digits as they took down Los Manis 55-30. Caleb Arnold tallied 17 points and Justin Cain scored 16 in the win for Team Honda. Edgar Ramos led Los Manis with 14 points.

 The Wild Boyz edged Los Magicos 68-29. Brady Spaulding led all shooters with 17 points in the victory for the Wild Boyz, while Matthew Rippetoe led Los Magicos with nine points.

 By-Lo Markets recorded two scorers in double digits to help them top the Rockets 52-45. Trevor Mason tallied 17 and Mark Russell scored 15 in the win for By-Lo Markets. Robert Kyle led the Rockets with 16 points in the loss.

 All information taken from scoresheets provided by the Morristown Parks & Recreation Office.