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Christensen scores 13, Suns top Magic 25-16 in Rec hoops

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 12:37 pm

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The Suns topped the Magic 25-16 in boys Rec League action. Zachary Christensen led the Suns with a game high 13 points, while Dustin Miller and Spencer Cumbow each led the Magic with six points a piece.

 The Wizards defeated the Blazers 15-10. Brandon Moore’s game high six points led the Wizards’ attack, while Noah Elmore tallied four in the loss for the Blazers.

 The Mavericks fell to the Cavs 16-5. Christian Henry recorded a game high eight points to lead the Cavs, while Gavin Crawford led the Mavericks with three in the loss.

 The Pacers blanked the Wolfpack 20-0. Kyle Cloninger led the Pacer attack with 12 points.


 The Flames took down the Lady Wildcats 12-9. Lillie Inman led the Flames’ attack with six points, while Kelsey Konley’s game high seven points led all Lady Wildcats’ scorers in the loss.

 The Lady Bulldogs fell to the Lady Lakers 17-4. Emma Pillion recorded a game high 13 points, while Jayden Watson scored all four of the Lady Lakers’ points in the loss.

 The Lady Vols defeated the Lady Hotshots 4-2 in a defensive battle. Kathryn Hall and Asyana Osborne led the Lady Vols with two points each, while Madison Smerdell scored the only two points for the Lady Hotshots.

 The Lady Swish topped the Lady Irish 25-9. Kennedy Caughhorn led the Lady Swish with 14 points, while Emily Wright and Alyssa led the Lady Irish with four points each in the loss.

 The Buckeyes fell to the Knights 19-15. Hallie Huffman led the Knights with 12 points, while Azhia Rucker led the Buckeyes with a game high 13 points in the loss.

 The Lady Jazz took down the Lady Lightning 35-18. Brittany Dixon led the Lady Jazz with a game high 18 points, while Hannah Stone led the Lady Lightning with 10.


 East Tennessee Diamond defeated Rich’s 39-32. Shandy Hill led East Tennessee Diamond with 12 points, while Jessica Ramsey led Rich’s with a game high 14 points in the loss.


 Dustin Jarnigan’s 20 points led the Wild Boyz over the Rockets 68-48. Charles Seals recorded 11 points, leading the Rockets in the loss.

 Team Honda topped T&A 53-35. Justin Cain led Team Honda with a game high 20 points, while Jose Chacon led T&A with 12 points in the loss.

 The Mahle Tarheels squeaked by the Bushwackers 42-40. Rick Frazier led the Mahle Tarheels with 10 points, while Brandon Helton led the Buchwackers with a game high 12 points.

 PRBC fell to the Pain Train 60*27. Billy Couch led the Pain Train with eight points, while Jacob Samsel and Lucas Fishman led PRBC with 14 points each.

 The Underdogs took down The Squad 37-32. Jessee Cook led the Underdogs with 14 points, while Matthew Rice also led The Squad with 14 points in the loss.

 The Rebels defeated TPM 69-52. Pat Mathis led the Reels with 20 points and was helped by Todd Manmall’s 15 points. Justin Trear led TPM with 13 points in the loss.

 Team Jordan topped Harris Rentals 62-51. Corey Myers and Jostin Standifer led Team Jordan with 14 points each, while Michael Buchanan led Harris Rentals with a game high 17 points.

 Gits & Shiggles fell to Synchronized Logistics 57-46. Lance Epps led Synchronized Logistics with a game high 18 points, while Dave Slagel led GIts & Shiggles with 16 points and was helped by Tyler Williams’ 15 points.

 G-Gun topped Parkway Auto 71-60. Daniel Williams led G-Gun with a game high 32 points, while Willie Busler les Parkway Auto with 19 points in the loss.

 Slow Motion took down the Toon Squad 66-50. Evan McCoy led Slow Motion with a game high 16 points and was helped by Dustin Hayes’ 15 in the win. Ryan Brady, Greg Bryce, and Anthony Sanders each recorded 10 points for the Toon Squad.

 College Park Pharmacy fell to the Usual Suspects 74-66. Wahkeem Simpson led the Usual Suspects with 23 points and was helped by Anthony Span’s 18 in the win. Bronson Parker led College Park Pharmacy with a game high 36 points in the loss.

 The Bricklayers topped the Vifan Vipers 52-44. Travis Kelley led the Bricklayers with a game high 28 points, while Ryan Greenlee led the Vifan Vipers with 15.

 Fried Taters took down Compton’s Auto 50-32. Andrew Woody led Fried Taters with a game high 15 points, while Malique Dailey led Compton’s Auto with 11 in the loss.

 PFG Hale fell to the Titanes 59-55. Jaime Vega led the Titanes with 18 points and was helped by Ricardo Santana’s 17 points in the win. Kyle Ferguson led PFG Hale with a game high 23 points in the loss.

 All scores and stats were taken from score sheets provided by the Morristown Parks and Recreation Department.