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Cavs beat Mavericks 12-9 in Rec action

Posted on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 1:09 pm

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 The Cavs squeaked by the Mavericks 12-9 in Boy’s Rec League action. Christian Henry led the Cavs with five points, while Noah Woodard produced five points of his own to lead the Mavericks.

 The Suns topped the Magic 22-12. Zachary Barnette’s 10 points led all Sun’s shooters, while Austin Miller and Isiaih Lamb each tallied four for the Magic.

 A.J. Huffman’s 14 points led the Blazers past the Wizards 20-8. Brandon Moore led the Wizards with four points, while Will Arwood and Caleb Noe each recorded two points in the loss.

 The Pacers defeated the Cobras behind Kyle Cloninger’s 14 points. Logan Daniels and Jacob Massey each tallied two points in the loss for the Cobras.


 The Lady Lakers took down the Hotshots 4-3. Jayden Watson scored all four points for the Lady Lakers, while Lydia Fishman scored all three for the Hotshots.

 The Lady Bulldogs torched the Flames 14-4. Emma Pillion led all Lady Bulldogs’ scorers with 10, while Malley Bullington recorded all four points for the Flames.

 The Lady Wildcats fell to the Lady Vols 8-5. Ciara Looney led the Lady Vols with four points, while Kelsey Kenley tallied all five points for the Lady Wildcats.


 Team Honda took down By-Lo Markets 57-52. Jordan Short tallied 16 points, leading Team Honda, while Trevor Mason led By-Lo Markets with 27.

 The Fly Boyz defeated T&A 42-29. Matt Moore led the Fly Boyz with 18 points, while Jose Chacon led all T&A scorers with eight.

 The Wild Boyz topped Los Manis 74-48. Dustin Jarnigan led all Wild Boyz scorers with a game high 22 points and was helped by Devon Rymer Reed’s 18 points. Martin Flores led Los Manis with 15 points in the loss.

 Three Point Play fell to the Ambassadors in a close game 48-46. Caleb Holtz led the Ambassadors with 19 points, while Corey Ottige led Three Point Play with a game high 24 points in the loss.

 The Goon Squad tamed the Bulldogs 62-58. Kenny Everett led the Goon Squad with a game high 28 points in the victory, while Robert Salvallagio led the Bull Dogs with 20 points and was helped by Whitey Evans’ 15.

 Rogers Petroleum beat Shake & Bake 61-44. Justin Lovell’s 20 points led Rogers Petroleum and Ben Willford added 19 in the win. Jake Bannow led all Shake & Bake scorers with 19.

 TVA Employees Credit Union took down the Celtics 36-34. Caleb Winstead led TVA with 13 points, while Jonathan Allison led the Celtics with 14 points in the loss.

 The Gold Team defeated Duck Dynasty 66-54. Dale Wolfe’s game high 27 points led the Gold Team and Joey Wood added 16 in the win. Jeremiah Dick led all Duck Dynasty scorers with 23 points in the loss.

 H R Block fell to the Phenoms 75-62. Shawn Steele led the Phenoms with a game high 22 points and Brian Hake added 16 in the win. Trey Lovelace led H R Block with a game high 30 points in the loss.

 The Underdogs decimated The Squad 71-37. Shawn Russell led the Underdogs with 24 points and was helped by Jessee Cook’s 20, and Jonah Belcher’s 19 in the win. Matthew Rice led The Squad with 24 points in the loss.

 The Mahle Tar Heels fell to the Bushwackers 33-28 in overtime. Scooter Brock led the Bushwackers with nine points, while Rick Frazier led the Mahle Tar Heels with eight.

 The Pain Train defeated PRBC 27-22. Jonathan Shockley led The Pain Train with a game high nine points, while Billy Couch led PRBC with eight.

 All stats and scores were taken from scoresheets provided by the Morristown Parks and Recreation Office.