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Cans For Critters Drive

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 6:50 am

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We are a small group of individuals who save cans for critters. We use the proceeds to provide free or reduced costs spays and nueters.

We work with Grainger County Humane Society’s PAL mobile. In 2011 we fixed six animals free of charge. Last year we did 12.

It is almost spring, and that means kittens and puppies, many euthinized due to the overload.

We are planning to ask local businesses to allow full bags of cans to be dropped at specific locations for three days. We are still in the planninng stage.

These services are for anyone, no matter where they live as long as they bring the animal to Grainger’s PAL location. 

We will also help pay adoption fees for animals in the pound on death row when we have funds. We recently rescued a kitten on death row from Dillon Shelter in South Carolina by paying the fees for a young girl who couldn’t.

For more information, email, or  423-277-0642.