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Caldwell powers Howmet to rec hoops win

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 8:55 am

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Howmet defeated East Tennessee Diamond 65-31. Kara Caldwell led Howmet with 14 points, while Chasity Cobble led East Tennessee Diamond with 13 in the loss.

 The D. Wolves beat the Lookouts 38-30. Lindsey Long led the D. Wolves with a game high 15 points, while Alice Webb led the Lookouts with 14 in the loss.


 The Razorbacks took down the Spartans 57-42, in Rec League action. Brett Martin scored a game high 20 points for the Razorbacks, and was helped by A.J. Jefferson’s 17 points in the win. The Spartans were led by Trey Potts’ 12 points in the loss.

 The Sonics topped the Knicks 50-38 with the help of Tyler Brooks’ 16 points. The Knicks were led by Seth English’s 13 points in the loss.

 The Hoosiers fell to the Rocks 53-45. Brandon Clark was the leading scorer for the Rocks, tallying 18 points. Clark was helped by Will Laws’ 16 points and Jay Inman’s 15 in the win for The Rocks. The Hoosiers were led by Christian Cortez’s 15 points.

 With the help of Noah Collins’ 22 points, the Bulls defeated the Senators 50-20. Caleb Mackey led the Senators with 10 points in the loss. The Bulls were also helped by Landon Lamb’s 17 points.

 The Hawks clawed the Rockets 37-11. Chase Beverly led the Hawks with a game high 10 points, while Tanner Kinkea led the Rockets with seven points in the loss.

 The Lakers were swept up by the Hurricanes by the score of 33-14. Jared Coffey led the Hurricanes’ attack with 14 points, while Zach Ivy led the Lakers with 10 points in the loss.

 The Pistons defeated the Celtics 28-22. Mark Lindsey led the Pistons with 13 points, while Keelan Hunt led the Celtics with nine.

 The Grizzlies were sent into hibernation early by the Yellowjackets by the score of 45-38. Jeremy Fultz’s game high 21 points led the Yellowjackets, while Zach Anderson led the Grizzlies with 19 points in the loss.

 The Heat squeaked by the Barons 43-41. A.J. Newman led the Heat with 13 points, while Mason James led the Barons with a game high 18 points in the defeat.


 The Fried Taters defeated the Bricklayers 58-55. Andrew Woody led Fried Taters with a game high 21 points, while Daniel Carr led the Bricklayers with 14 points in the loss.

 Compton Auto fell to the Titanes 42-31. Jaime Vega led the Titanes with a game high 16 points, while Malique Dailey led all Compton Auto’s scorers with 12 points in the defeat.

 The Vifan Vipers took down PFG Hale 44-41. Curtis Moore led the Vipers with 15 points, while Kyle Ferguson and Jeremy Barnes each tallied 15 points in the loss for PFG Hale.

 The Rockets took down Los Magicos 51-45. Justin Black led the Rockets with 15 points, while Antonio Figueroa led Los Magicos with 15 points in the loss.

 Pharmacy Express topped Rescue 180, 91-56. Corey Shaw led Pharmacy Express with 24 points and was helped by Sam Hodge’s 20 points, Corbin Norton’s 18 points, and Langdon Potts’ 18 points in the win. Joe Horner led Rescue 180 with 15 points.

 Jimmy’s Auto Parts defeated the Dream Team 79-37. Josh Tignor’s 20 points led Jimmy’s Auto Parts while Matt Craine added 17 and Bowe Craine helped with 15 in the win. Nick King led the Dream Team with 13 points in the loss.

 Dustin Miller scored 27, Mike Elkins scored 20, Dave Elkins tallied 19, and Rusty Miller had 16 points, and Exit Triple “E” Realty defeated the Pioneers 85-66. The Pioneers were led by Brandon Martin’s 15 points in the loss.

 International Paper defeated Trelleborg 66-51. Bradley Purkey led International Paper with 27 points, while Travis Thore led Trelleborg with 13 in the loss.

 Alcoa Howmet took down D.T. 50-49 in overtime. Chris Battig led Alcoa Howmet with 18 points, while Jake Smith Peters led D.T. with a game high 20 points in the loss.

 Chaos topped KTN 50-34. Joe Horner led Chaos with 18 points, while Caleb McBride led KTN with 14 in the loss.

 All information taken from scoresheets provided by the Morristown Parks and Recreation Department.