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Broadband Hero Awards to be presented in Nashville

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 12:57 pm

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NASHVILLE – On Wednesday, Feb. 27, the Connected Tennessee State Broadband Summit and Broadband Hero Awards will be presented at the Nashville Public Library in downtown Nashville.

 The first of its kind in Tennessee, the summit will assemble Tennessee leaders in business, state and local government, education, healthcare, and more to learn about broadband best practices in the state, discuss strategies to address remaining barriers to broadband access, adoption, and use, and to network with other leaders across the state working to bridge the digital divide.

 Connected Tennessee is soliciting nominations for awards in several categories.

 The Broadband Hero Award for Access will be presented to an individual or organization that has significantly impacted Tennessee’s broadband landscape by advancing basic or more advanced high-speed internet access options available to unserved, or underserved areas, or who has better enabled access to broadband by offering reducedcost equipment and/or discounted internet service.

 The Broadband Hero Award for Adoption goes to an individual or organization that is dedicated to bridging the digital divide by overcoming identified barriers to high-speed internet adoption. This may include efforts related to the need for digital literacy training, increased awareness of broadband relevance, barriers related to affordability (equipment or service) and beyond.

 The Broadband Hero Award for Use goes to an individual or organization that has dedicated their time and efforts to increasing the effective or innovative use of broadband-enabled technologies, resulting in improved job creation, economic development, business or government services or individual quality of life.

 Online registration for the Connected Tennessee State Broadband Summit is available at http:// t n b r o ad b a n d s u m m i t . eve n t b r i t e . c o m . Nominations for Broadband Hero Award in the categories of Access, Adoption, and Use can be submitted at http://www.connectedtn. org/broadbandsummit.

 The deadline for Early Bird registration and nominations is Friday, Feb. 1. For more information or to receive a nomination form, email Connected Tennessee Executive Director Corey Johns at