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Bachman Academy provides boarding for special needs students

Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 7:48 am

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While the term “boarding school” may conjure images of small British children, the truth is boarding schools have more to offer than their portrayal in popular fiction. Any internet search will reveal that boarding schools typically have small class sizes, small student to faculty ratio, and challenging academics in an environment where students can gain valuable life experiences. Special needs boarding schools offer this and more.

“Families choose boarding school for their children for many reasons,” says Mark Frizzell, Headmaster at Bachman Academy. “But they choose special needs boarding schools for only one reason: because it will meet the needs of their child with learning differences.”

Bachman Academy, in southeast Tennessee, is unique among the majority of specialty boarding schools in the South. Specializing in the education of students with language-based learning differences and attention issues, Bachman’s high school curriculum features traditional subjects, delivered in a fresh way for intelligent students who learn differently. “The English class might meet outside in costume to act out the story of Robin Hood,” says Frizzell. “while, the science class might be testing the lake for purity. Alternative teaching methods help students with learning differences to more easily grasp concepts they can easily miss.” Career education options include equine studies, mechanics, woodworking and horticulture.

Bachman Academy has rolling admissions, and limited scholarship funds are available. The academic year begins August 19, 2013. For more information about Bachman Academy, call the school at 423-479-4523 or visit them on the web at