Remembering 9/11

Sept 11 Construction Glance

As part of the national Newspapers in Education initiative, the Citizen Tribune has been given the opportunity to make the Washington Times’ Remembering 9/11 guide available to teachers, students and anyone interested in learning more about the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

“Many students were very young or not even born on 9/11. Although it may be painful, let’s remember those who passed and those that sacrificed to try to save others. I hope this supplement may be useful for you and your teachers,” said Doug Alexander, education services with the Washington Times.

The guide, produced with help from the History Channel, is 20 pdf pages includes in-depth stories about the day, the people involved and its aftermath. There are a myriad of photos, an extensive timeline and quotes from survivors as well as from victims who didn’t make it out. It includes an attempt to provide an understanding of the events that lead up to the attacks as well as political and world reaction.

The guide also includes possible school and classroom activities.

“We realize that all the activities won’t necessarily be useful for teachers this year on short notice,” said Tribune Managing Editor John Gullion. “However, we feel strongly there is some very useful and interesting information, as well as activities, that can be used this year. Then, some of the longer range activities can be of use for teachers and educators for years to come.”

To access the guide, click Here

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