Teacher’s Guide for Manny Kicks Long Ear Lore



In the March 10 Lakeway Living section of the Citizen Tribune, a new serial story designed specifically for community newspapers debuts
Life’s no field of clover for Manny. Over the years, his kind has gotten stuck with a bad rep. They’re believed to be lazy, ugly and dumb. Manny has had it up to his long ears with this pile of mule hooey—and in a new eight-week serial story, he’s going to set the record straight.
Thanks to the National Newspaper Association Foundation, newspapers can present Manny’s story during the fifth annual Reading Across the Nation project. Author Chris Stuckenschneider has written a new animal tale that will delight readers of all ages.

“We’re excited to present this charming, family-friendly story to our readers,” said Tribune managing editor John Gullion. “The serial is a time-honored tradition, not just for newspapers but also our culture. It harkens back to the early days of movies, radio and newspapers when readers, viewers or listeners waited each week for the next installment of a beloved story. We hope this story will be shared by families who love great stories as well as teachers who can use this installment series as a valuable education tool for their students.”

Also available through the project is a companion teacher guide (available under the education header on the Citizen Tribune’s website) correlated to the Common Core Standards.

“Manny Kicks Long Ear Lore” author Chris Stuckenschneider, wrote the serials “Patriotic Pals, Tails of the Civil War,” “Pressing West,” and “Twist of Fate: The Miracle Colt and His Friends.” “Twist of Fate” was the NNA Reading Across the Nation serialized story in 2009 and was published as a children’s book that same year. The book was a Missouri Association of School Librarian’s 2011-2012 Show Me Award finalist.

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