Life in a Cat house

Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House

As you may recall, last Sunday was a delightful day about 80 degrees and sunny. It was a perfect day for our cats to be dozing on the deck.

I was inside lounging in my recliner with a book while my wife, Vivian, was upstairs doing something. All was quiet and peaceful until Vivian hollered down from her viewpoint at the top of the stairs.

“There’s a mouse, right by your chair. Quick, get a cat.”

As it happened, I was suffering serious low back pain, so was moving kind of slow. I finally got out of the chair and made it to the door to the deck. As luck would have it, our boy cat, Ozrow was sitting only a couple of feet outside. I have written many times about how Ozrow cannot resist an open door. He always has to go through any door that’s open. Except this time he didn’t.

“Get in here and get after a mouse,” I told him. He responded by yawning.

“Pick him up,” Vivian directed me. No way could I bend over and grab a cat, so I stepped out far enough to nudge him with my toe. He gave me a dirty look but finally sauntered indoors and made his way to his food dish.

The mouse has stopped about 16 inches from Ozrow’s food bowl, directly in the cat’s line of sight. Ozrow looked at me, then at the mouse, then ignored both of us as he started eating.

Vivian was leaning over the upstairs railing, supervising.

“Catch the mouse,” she instructed. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me, the cat, or both of us. In spite of my bad back, I managed to bend over and scoop up the cat. I dropped him directly on the crouching mouse. Ozrow turned and gave me a dirty look while the mouse scampered out from under him and headed toward the bathroom door.

Ozrow appeared to give a sigh of disgust as he finally strolled off after the mouse, which was long gone.

Later in the day, Vivian and I were both in our recliners when the mouse came out from under the cabinet we keep the television on. Skittles, our girl cat, was inside by then. The mouse was either brave or stupid because it made a dash straight at Skittles sitting about 10 feet away. She raised up and watched as the mouse charged under her nose, between her front legs and then made a left turn and headed down the hall.

Skittles can move really fast when she wants to. That was not one of the times she wanted to. “Catch the mouse, you stupid cat,” Vivian hollered. Skittles took off a leisurely trot in the general direction the mouse had taken. Once again, it escaped, that time into the bedroom.

Ozrow jumped up on the arm of Vivian’s chair. “You are the most worthless cat I have ever seen,” she told him. He sat there and began to purr. “You’re worse than worthless,” she said. He purred louder. Skittles, sitting a few feet away, looked up and yawned.

The following morning we discovered the cats had redeemed themselves, or one of them did. We found the earthly remains of the mouse on the bedroom floor. It was probably Ozrow, since the mouse was at the spot where he deposits all his treasures.