Life in a Cat house

Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House




Last week we had hot days and cool days, wet days and dry days. All that had our cats totally confused. In their little kitty minds, summer should be always be suitable for sleeping the day away on the deck. They don’t like it when they can do that one day and find the next day wet and blustery.

Cats are creatures of routine. When that routine is disrupted it throws them all out of sorts. Our girl cat, Skittles, can accept weather changes better than our boy cat, Ozrow. If it doesn’t look decent outdoors, Skittles will just go back to bed. Ozrow will insist on going out, even if he only stays 37 seconds. When a storm is coming, Skittles has enough sense to get in where she’ll be dry. Ozrow will stick it out until the first rain drops splatter, then he wants in immediately.

Our cats hate cold, but they love hot. The temperature can be in the 90s with the sun scorching the ground and they are happy to be out in it. Often, they won’t bother to seek shade. They could get in the house with air conditioning but they’d rather swelter.

Skittles is rather hesitant go out, but when she does she’ll stay for hours. Ozrow wants to get inside for a snack and a drink pretty often. Sometimes, when no humans are home, he gets stranded away for the food and water bowls. When someone gets home he is right at the door waiting, frantic to get inside. After a few bites and a slurp or two of water, he is ready to head right back out into the elements. While that is going on, Skittles will calmly sit in her flower box and watch him.

Ozrow likes to put on an act of being a brave, adventuresome cat. In truth, he is a wimp most of the time. While Skittles is smaller and female, she is a lot more adapted to roughing it than Ozrow.

Neither cat likes getting rained on, but Ozrow really dislikes it. Skittles will get damp when necessary if she has to dash through rain drops to get inside. Ozrow will go hide under the garden shed until it stops. It only takes two drops to send him running for shelter.

When storms are approaching we can get Skittles to come in with little problem. Ozrow will ignore our warnings even when he hears thunder booming and the wind picks up. He seems to think we’ll be there with an umbrella to escort him to the door and dryness. We never are, of course. Our cats are pampered, but there are limits. So of to the dry dirt under the shed he goes. Naturally, when the rain stops he is grumpy about the indignity he has suffered.

The big problem with weather like we’ve had the past few days is the cats think it’s unfair because it’s not perfect. They waited all winter for hot, sunny days and they expect summer to always be that way. Rain does not factor into their planned lifestyles. Neither do days that are unseasonably cool. This time of year, hot is the only weather that’s acceptable.

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