Life in a Cat house

Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House


About once a day, my wife Vivian will say something like, “Skittles is really an adorable cat.” Maybe not quite that often, but a few times a week, she will also say, “Ozrow is the best cat ever.”

I am aware that all cat people think their cats are the world’s best. But in our case, with Ozrow and Skittles, it’s really true. They rank right at the top of the world’s best kitty scale.

I can’t say that about every cat that has come into our lives in years past. We’ve had a couple that were total grumps. They didn’t want to be petted, they didn’t play and they couldn’t get along with other cats in the family. If we tried to pick them up they would scratch and bite. They wanted food, but that was pretty much the limits of their interactions with people.

Miss Pitty Pat was such a cat. She is the only cat we ever bought. We paid seven dollars for her when she was a kitten because she was being badly mistreated in a pet store window. It was summer with hot sun shining through the window and she would sit there all day with no food or water. At first, there were four kittens. The other three were cute while Miss Pitty Pat was an ugly kitten. Within a couple of days the other three were gone, all to good homes, I hope. Miss Pitty Pat sat there all alone, looking pitiful. After a few days it was obvious nobody wanted such an unattractive kitten.

We were not looking for another cat at the time, so getting her was strictly a rescue operation. When my Vivian finally went to get her, she told the pet store owner what she thought of someone who would treat a kitten the way Miss Pitty Pat was being treated. The owner got so mad, she wouldn’t sell the kitten to Vivian.

The following day, we got someone we knew to go make the purchase. The asking price was $15 but our go-between managed to get it down to $7.

If Miss Pitty Pat appreciated what we did for her, she never showed it. When we finally rescued her, she was carried from the store in a wire cage. No more than 10 minutes later, a young girl reached through the cage to pet the cat. Miss Pitty Pat nearly took the kid’s arm off. She didn’t want to be touched by anyone.

Her anti-social disposition was probably due to her mistreatment at the pet store. She was soured on humans and never forgot it. She did have one odd habit. Every night she would crawl deep under the covers on the bed and sleep there. She later learned how to burrow under the covers during the day, so there would be a lump in the middle of the bed.

Miss Pitty Pat was with us for many years. She was never a fun cat like Skittles and Ozrow. She was probably the worst cat we ever had. Still, being a cat, she did have a few redeeming qualities. I remember we were sad when she died.




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