Life in a Cat house

Stan Johnson - Life in a Cat House




If our cat Ozrow could sing, his tune of the past several days would probably be “Happy Days Are Here Again.” For sure, this is his time of the year.

He is not just happy that he’s been able to spend so much time stretched out in the sunshine on the deck. He likes that and it makes him happy, but it got better.

He was happy we were gone later than usual one day and he got to stay out two hours past normal kitty curfew. That was not the best thing, either, although it was great for him.

What really made him happy above all else was my wife, Vivian, bringing home a watermelon. If Ozrow has one greatest, all abiding passion in life, it’s watermelon. He all but swoons at the mere hint of a scent from a freshly cut melon. To sink his teeth into a bit of melon, with juice to slurp, is sheer kitty bliss.

It was an acceptable melon, though far from outstanding. It was no doubt imported from somewhere, maybe Florida, possibly South Carolina, or it could have come from Texas. Whatever its origin, it didn’t compare to the lush, deep red melons we get in mid-summer. It was a bit on the bland side, but not bad for the first one of the year.

Oddly, Ozrow didn’t notice when Vivian cut it, nor did he realize chunks were on the table. When I put his portion in a bowl and set it on the kitchen floor, he still did not pay any attention. Finally, Vivian called him and he sauntered around to where he could see and smell it. The instant he did, he pounced. Not kitty stalking or sniffing was involved. He dived in head and ears, chomping as fast as his jaws would move, then lapping up every drop of juice.

When it was gone, Vivian gave him another batch and there was a repeat performance. He ate watermelon until his tummy was pooched out like an over-inflated balloon and he went off to bed with a smile on his face. That was one double happy kitty.

Our other cat, Skittles, doesn’t have the slightest bit of interest in watermelon. She will walk around it without a glance if it happens to be on the floor as she passes by.

Actually, our cats don’t get or want much in the way of people food. They will occasionally slurp some tuna or salmon juice, and that’s about it. We always divide the juice equally, but Skittles often doesn’t finish her share, leaving it for Ozrow. It could be because Skittles has a super-sensitive stomach and she knows too much might make her sick. Or it might be she just doesn’t think it’s all that good.

I don’t remember how we first discovered Ozrow’s love of watermelon. It isn’t something we’d set out for a cat to try. All I can say for sure is the cat got hooked on it from his first taste. During the summer months he often mills around under the table when watermelon is on it, demanding his portion right now, with no more waiting. He never tires of it, and now he has a watermelon summer to look forward to.

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