Heroin dealer gets 57 months

Posted on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 11:41 am

An oxycodone peddler originally from Philadelphia who expanded his Morristown operation to include heroin was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison this morning, according to authorities.

Larence Gilbert Wells, 42, will receive credit for the time he’s served since mid-December 2013, when he was arrested as a result of an investigation conducted by Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department narcotics investigators.

Detective Sgt. Eric Carson said this morning a confidential informant purchased most of the heroin Wells sold after Wells was identified as the source.

Wells, who lived in Jefferson County and worked at an industry in the Morristown Airport Industrial District, sold one-hit amounts from a residence on Lennie Street in Morristown that was owned by his girlfriend, according to Carson.

The narcotics detective says he was unable to tie the people who rented Well’s girlfriend’s house to drug dealing. Carson says he hasn’t heard about anyone else selling heroin in Morristown since Wells’ arrest.

Wells pleaded guilty earlier to conspiracy to distribute both heroin and oxycodone. He would have faced two more years in prison if his relatively limited criminal history made him eligible for “safety-valve” sentencing.

In an unrelated federal drug prosecution, Stephanie Ellis, 22-year-old Grainger County woman, indicated she will plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute more than 50 grams of high-quality methamphetamine known as “ice.”

Typically, defendants who plead guilty to that offense, face at least 10 years behind bars. Assistant U.S. Attorney Caryn L. Hebets filed a supplement to Ellis’ sentencing memorandum under seal.

Others indicted with more than 20 others in the conspiracy headed by 31-year-old John “Blondie” Ayers have received sentenced below the normal mandatory minimum.

-By Robert Moore, Tribune Staff Writer

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