Area students land on LMU’s dean’s list

Lincoln Memorial University has announced that the following students were placed on the Dean’s List for the Spring semester of 2014. To be placed on the Dean’s List, the student must be a full-time undergraduate and have a 3.5 grade point average for the semester.

Area students included on that list include:

Kasey Ankrom of Mooresburg,

Jessica Atkins of Bean Station,

Andrew Ayers of Harrogate,

Travis Baker of New Tazewell,

Travis Barner of Bean Station,

Abigail Bellamy of Rogersville,

Morgan Billingsley of Harrogate,

Felicia Bishop of Bean Station,

Ali Blevins of Tazewell,

Katelyn Boggs of Tazewell,

Jennifer Bowlin of Tazewell,

Summer Boyce of Tazewell,

Makayla Brashears of Tazewell,

Tiffany Breeding of Tazewell,

Morgan Buda of Newport,

Autumn Bunch of New Tazewell,

Kendra Carmon of Washburn,

Skylar Carpenter of Thornhill,

Michael Cavins of Harrogate,

Bethany Collingsworth of Tazewell,

Marjorie Colyer of Harrogate,

Emily Copeland of Andersonville,

Daniel Crandell of Morristown,

Tiffany Dalton of Mooresburg,

Kayley Daniels of New Tazewell,

Lindsay Davis of Tazewell,

Jordan Deangelis of Morristown,

Wendy Dinwiddie of Talbott,

Lyndsie Dockery of Parrottsville,

Kelli Duncan of New Tazewell,

Mara Earl of New Tazewell,

Amber Earls of Tazewell,

Emily Ely of Cumberland Gap,

Cody Frasier of Harrogate,

Stephanie French of Harrogate,

Justin Fugate of Rogersville,

Jennifer George of Andersonville,

Leonardo Germiniani of Harrogate,

Mason Goad of Cumberland Gap,

Caitlin Golding of Rutledge,

Tara Goodner of Tazewell,

Hanna Hamilton of Rogersville,

Elora Hamlin of New Tazewell,

Spencer Harmon of Tazewell,

Jessica Helton of Cumberland Gap,

Andrea Herrell of Tazewell,

Taylor Howard of Cumberland Gap,

Angelia Jarstfer of Harrogate,

Lindsey Jett of Jefferson City,

Timothy Jimison of Harrogate,

Emily Johnson of New Tazewell,

Erin Johnston of Harrogate,

Jeffery Jones of Sneedville,

Gloria Lee of Rogersville,

Samantha Lindsey of Morristown,

Adam Long of Morristown,

Brittany Louthen of Tazewell,

Jamaiya Luttrell of Morristown,

David Maldonado of Harrogate,

Taylor Mallicoat of Tazewell,

Rebecca Mason of Harrogate,

Michalia McGinnis of Washburn,

Megan McMurray of Tazewell,

James Miller of Tazewell,

Alexey Minevskiy of Harrogate,

Kelsey Neely of New Tazewell,

Hannah Oakes of Tazewell,

Carter Pack of Andersonville,

Charles Payne of Mohawk,

Andrew Pressnell of New Tazewell,

Terri Ramsey of Tazewell,

Megan Rielly of Tazewell,

Alicia Ritter of Washburn,

Leslie Rivera of Harrogate,

Dakota Robertson of Harrogate,

Jessica Roden of New Tazewell,

Chelsea Ryan of Tazewell,

Jenna Satterfield of Harrogate,

Sonia Sayani of Tazewell,

Lillie Seal of Sneedville,

Jon Slaven of Harrogate,

Ashley Smith of Morristown,

Whitey Smith of Harrogate,

Jessica Snowden of Russellville,

David Sorzano of Harrogate,

Alexandra Spangler of Harrogate,

Hunter Spaw of Bean Station,

Lisa Stang of Tazewell,

Emily Thompson of Tazewell,

Stephen Thompson of Thorn Hill,

Mallory Tucker of Tazewell,

Daniel Venable of Tazewell,

Abigail Walker of Jefferson City,

Heather Walker of Morristown,

Matthew Waller of Cumberland Gap,

Laronda Walters of Tazewell,

Rebecca Ward of Baneberry,

Rebecca Webb of Harrogate,

Erin Whitaker of New Tazewell,

Lindsey Williams of Washburn,

Jeremy Wood of Harrogate,

Megan Woodby of Mooresburg.

-From Contributed Reports

Posted on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 5:45 pm